Blog: The Medical City introduces their Wellness and Aesthetic Institute at the 6th floor of Podium Building TMC

Its great to be bacl here in The Medical City. I like to share that the TMC is our family hospital. Thanks to them for all the medical services to me, to my wife and also for the birth of our son Ash.

We know that the TMC is performs all kinds of health and medical services, but I learned awhile ago that they have a wellness and aesthetic center way back in 2003 and now thy relaunched this Feb 2023 to introduce their Wellness and Aesthetic Institute located at the 6th floor of Podium building inside TMC.

TMC Wellness and Aesthetic Institute has a health service for pediatrics, old people and also for teens. They also have special center for the LGBTQI+ who need medical consultation and need.

I like the shared info of the TMC president and CEO, he said that it is better to have your annual executive check up here at the at the TMC, because if you completed the check up for 5 years, the data that was gathered about the person's health can be helpful to diagnose an illness or its better to see if health is improving or not based on that data

TMC Wellness and Aesthetic Institute also offers derma treatment, they have non surgical and surgical derma treatment on the 6th and 7th floor.

The best advantage of having a derma treatment in a hospital is that everything you need for medical needs are housed in one area. It means that the hospital has it all and you are always in good hands.

The folder list of services. See pic above for the list

The reception area of Wellness and Aesthetic Institute

Adult preventive health check

Sounds new to me, but its like an executive health check up

One of the amazing part is that they have a mini resto for patients who availed the executive health check up. They can eat here for FREE after their 12hrs of fasting and after the check up. The food is provided and comes with the check up package

This portion is for drip treatment

Before the check up, they have a corner here with a machine that can measure the person's BMI

I volunteered for the BMI check and oh wow. Im still obese!! Even with a 10kg loss after 2019

We also got a view of their derma rooms

And hair treatment

Here they introduced to us their facial consultation machine, sorry I forgot what it was called. They showed to us that they can scan the face of the person and pin point what are the skin treatment needed, especially for signa of aging and other imperfection on the facial area.

TMC doctors and beauty queens

For more inquiries, pls refer to the contact details of TMC

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