Back to blogging, here are some photos I took during the super show of Lazada’s Epic 11th Birthday event in Market Market.

My first plan is to shoot a video using my Fujifilm XT200 camera and a Moza Aircross S gimbal. But I failed to balance the gimbal because the lens that I borrowed, which is a Fujinon 16-80mm is so heavy and not fit for the small gimbal. Thanks to Ted Claudio for sharing his lenses.

Pic above was taken by Stonibert Lim, thanks sir for sharing a photo snap shot of our group right after the stage games.
I thought it was just a regular game, but we shared the stage with the superstar Alden Richards.

Wow! It is really a supershow, I thought it was just a media event, but then there are lots of guest performers for the evening, it was exciting because Darren, BGYO and BINI are included in the line up.

I got a hard time focusing my coverage because my faulty gimbal is not working

Pic muna bago mag cover.

The PR told us to wear blue to represent the color of Lazada.

My polo shirt looks like a sky blue haha

Some sample shots before I used that gimbal.
I later on learned that I need to practice in using it.

Thanks to Dani Esteban for inviting us to join the Lazada stage game.
Hindi ko pa sya nakilala kasi wala sya face mask haha.

Pur group who joined the stage games - Karina, Enzo,Angela and FPJ - not on pic

Event host- Nicole Anderson – ayan tama na yun caption and not Nicole Hernandez

The show started and then the host introduced the superstar of the event – Alden Richards.
Wow! His super fans are all over the place.

My pic with Alden Richards, i asked for a selfie pic with him right after the stage contest. And grabe, he is taller than me.
Baka naka heels? Hehe

Nice to see Alden close up and I got lucky to have a photo op with him.

After the stage games, they introduced some of the LazLook brand merchants to have a hot seat talk with Bea Alonzo.

My mission that day is to snap shot a nice photo of Bea Alonzo. Thanks to Ted’s Fujinon 16-80mm F4,
The long range snap shot produced a very awesome photos of Bea Alonzo

Im posting here some of my favorite snapshots

Heto mejo candid.

While having a panel talk on stage, they showed to us some of their fashion styling and this model is very familiar.
I did not get her name,but I always see her in some lifestyle events.

One of the most Lazlook fashionista winner - Ces Dimalanta.
I call her the ever best dressed lady of the night - lagi kasi nanalo sa fashion style.

Congrats Ces.
Go check her blog -

And then the grand closing of the media event, the CEO of Lazada mentioned that we should utilize the LazLook page in the Lazada app, because once the campaign has ended, the app will remove it and start a new campaign for the next sale.

It means that the Lazlook page in the app is just temporary.

After some wine cheers, they revealed that they put up a giant statue representing the LAZLOOK
After the unveiling, they cover it again for the next main program.

Pang media event lang kasi kami, but both program are streamed at Lazada’s FB page.

After the media event, we decided to eat our dinner at the Food Choices of Market Market.
There are pica pica food and booze at the event, but its not enough to fill up our big tummy.

That Korean food that I ordered is so good. Mura lang at around less PHP200

Our friends went home and then me and Ted went back inside the main event, and here we spotted Diana Meneses and a guy hosting the stage and giving away some info of discounted items and some vouchers.

Here I learned that this event is a shopping party. All discounted items introduced at the event will be on sale starting at 8PM

So its a shopping party and everyone will check out together since the March 3 grand sale started that evening.
Lazada’s sale is from March 3 up to March 13.

At the event we watched the sing and dance performance of Darren Espanto. Grabe ang galing talaga nito.
We missed the BGYO and 4th Impact stage set, because we were eating our dinner that time.

Darren Espanto performed 2x or maybe 3x that evening.

During Darren’s stage time, there are fashion show happening on stage, and here we spotted celebrity Ashley Garcia and Youtuber Mika Salamanca, showing their LazLook style.

After the mid show, we spotted Bea Alonzo and Alden Richards, both hosting the event.

I was hoping to see Lazada’s brand ambassador - Kathryn Bernardo, but she’s not there to join the super show.
But a special video greetings were played on stage.


And then BINI did an awesome intro for their stage performance.

Its my first time to see them performing live and my mission here is to snap a good photo of the group.
Mejo kabado din ako nito, kasi ang dami nila.

I super like this shot!

And here are some of my solo shots

Ang dami nila, hindi ko pa kilala yung iba. But after this event, I started watching some BINI videos on YT para ma familiarize na ko

There’s also some fashion show featuring the LazLook style.
The clothes and accessories that they are wearing are all available in the LazLook app page

Ry Velasco is here!

Hazel Quing too.

And here’s my last shot of that event.

I went to Xiaomi PH store after this stage event and then while I was up in the 4th floor, I hear Barbie Forteza’s stage performance and I saw her dancing Ting Ting Tang song, a popular song on Tiktok.

I search for the video on the FB livestream of Lazada but there are no traces of it and including BINI’s stage act is not on the stream

Im glad Ted Claudio recorded a video and posted it on Tiktok. Hahaha

Thanks Ted.

Watch Barbie Forteza dancing here – >

Ok that was a big blast event. After that evening, my back started to ache.

Arghhhh Im too old na yata to cover and snap shoot some events hehehe

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