To all super hero fans, sci fi and fantasy fans, comics and toys collectors, and anything that is pop culture and you are a fan! Do not miss this awesome indoor attraction set up by the PAEC or the Philippine Amusement and Entertainment Corporation, a company responsible for putting up lots of amazing indoor attraction here in the metro -- like the - Food Wanderer, Lakbay Museo, Tales of Illumina, Dream Lab, Whimsical Wonderland and Museum of Emotions ( more info here - )

For their 6th indoor attraction project, they will be opening to the public the biggest superhero and toy collection museum here in the Philippines. They call the new alternative museum space the OMNIVERSE MUSEUM. This will be open on March 8, 2023 and they will be featuring the rarest collection of Ryan Sison (owner of Bulgar newspaper) and according to Ryan he has been collecting these items for 20 years already and this will be his first featured show for the public in collaboration with PAEC company.

The Omniverse Museum is located in Glorietta 4 in Makati City, going there is just easy, just go to the 4th floor of Glorietta Mall ,and enter the Top of Glo and walk through a Japan Like setting and also pass by a long line of restaurants, at the end you'll see the Omniverse Museum.

Here's the entrance of the Omniverse Museum As of now, they haven't set up a ticket pricing per person, they told me that they will be posting some info on their Facebook page -

Go visit their page for the upcoming details. But according to their website - They are now having a promo like selling a set of merchandise at PHP 1,499 and you get to acquire a free pass to enter the museum.

They mentioned that the ticket price will be worth of a 2 hour journey into the Omniverse world with 20 iconic portal theme rooms that will be enjoyed by any age.

Here's a detailed map going to the Omniverse Museum.

Here's the entrance counter as I enter for the 1st time. My eyes are already screaming wow!! everything is a wow factor and this is just the lobby of the Omniverse museum.

Viewing the area from left to right. The big glass cabinet is already a showcase of Ryan Sison's collection.

Viewing the collectibles display kinda reminds me of our Toycon toy gallery by the Philippine Toy Group Association. But for this time, the entire collection is owned by one big time person!

From this area, I don't know where to start. I was vlogging around and I can't contain myself in normal mode.. yes I am super geeking out and geekgasming hahaha

Im looking at some of the statues and some of it are so familiar, I have seen them before in Toycon and also in some stores.

But this museum is also a good vibe venue for collectors who are just starting and also to the old collectors who want to appreciate more of the quality designs of the statues.

Amazing! They have a set of arcade machines that are free to play! It means that you dont need tokens to play, just press START and you can enjoy some of the classic games available. Some machines are offering 100 games in one.

I also played X-men vs. Street Fighter and wow! This game bring back lots of good memories
And yeah I finished the game and beating Apocalypse and using my fave characters - Magneto and Sabertooth

Here’s the Omniverse Museum mug that they are selling, its of their mech inside the museum. There’s this color Black and also Silver. Btw, I like the silver one. (no pic)

OMG, on this pic shows that Im geeking out! And the tour hasn’t started yet haha

The tour started and Mr Ryan Sison tour us around and brought us here at the 1st iconic theme room area of the Omniverse Museum.

This is the entrance and it features the big head of a battle damaged Sentinel from the X-men series. Ryan also mentioned that there’s a Wolverine claw mark at the side of the Sentinel. If you are here, you better find those Wolverine claw scratches.

Here’s Mr Ryan Sison, leading the tour and preview of his massive collection here at the Omniverse Museum.

There’s a monitor here for the house rules, and the do’s and dont’s. One of the best comment of Ryan Sison is that we should take care of the display of collection so that future fans will be able to enjoy it also.

On this part, I feel a Star Trek thing.. But it turns out that Ryan is a big Star Wars fan, because he started with collecting Star Wars before acquiring other titles.

After that virtual briefing, we are set to enter the Omniverse world

First wow factor is that we entered the Star Wars room.

The feel reminds me of we are inside the Millenium Falcon or the ship of Princess Leia in A New Hope.

Ryan Sison also showed to us that he got the signature edition and limited edition replica of the Millenium Falcon that is used for filming the original trilogy. Plus – there’s a signature autograph of actor Harrison Ford who played Han Solo in the Star Wars movies.

I super like this quotable quotes from Star Wars.

This blaster gave me a super wow!! Because its the blaster of Princess Leia and it also have the signature autograph of the late actress Carrie Fischer.

There are also saber hilt with autograph by Ray Park as Darth Maul, Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker and also Ashoka’s saber hilt with sign by Dave Filoni, producer of Star Wars Clone Wars series and including The Mandalorian.

After our journey inside the Light Side… Ryan brought us here at the Dark side of the Force.

Two Stormtroopers welcoming us, on the left is based on the Star Wars x Disney property and on the right side is the design based from the original trilogy.

Some basic rules, we need to be very careful roaming around the museum and also we better make sure we do not break it. Or else you pay for it.

The dark side room features lots of statues, life size statues and collectibles of the evil ones in Star Wars.

On pic is Darth Maul in a different form.

There’s also a Science activity for the younglings, heres a small scale tesla coil. The guide inside the room showed to me how tesla coil works

He even told me to touch the low voltage electricity. But I did not dare touch it because I have phobia in electrocution. He showed me that it is safe, I wonder if kids will touch this haha.

Wow! Great to see my fave Star Wars video game character – Starkiller, the secret apprentice of Darth Vader. I wish that he get a live action appearance in some of the Star Wars series in Disney Plus.

Ahhhhh yes…the feel of being an evil emperor in Star Wars.

Yes you can sit on it and have a photo op.

Ryan Sison shared to us that this bust statue of Darth Vader and showing the face of Anakin from the original trilogy is his first acquired collection, bought by his dad 20 years ago. Its a limited item and before the head was a foam model. But he wanted to preserve the head sculpt and he did a resin cast of the foam head and here’s the solid quality that will last longer.

Foam quality will deteriorate as time passes by and its not good.

There are lots of screens and monitor inside the Dark Side room, some of the screen features lots of educational content for kids.

They can watch and also navigate the content on the monitors.

Next is that we entered the Tattoine room.
Oh wow! This Han Solo in carbonite is one of the iconic collectibles.

Some use this as their table inside their living room.

The best statue ever in the Star Wars room – its my 1st time to see a life size Jaba the Hutt.

This is purely custom made by a pinoy sculptor and designer - Jose Manansala.
I stumbled his FB post from last 2021 and I did not know that the statues he is creating is for the Omniverse Museum. Go check his post at

Ryan said that it is the first ever here in South East Asia.

Before we leave the 5th Star Wars room, we get to see a full scale of an AT ST, one of the mechanical battle vehicle that was first seen in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Another wow factor, Everyone got excited when Ryan Sison opened the doors to Hogwarts.

They replicated the Great hall in Hogwarts, first seen in Harry Potter the movie.

Ryan said that they did their best to copy what can be seen from the movie. And he said that the room is open for private events and birthday celebrations.

Also they are offering the entire museum as a birthday event venue, they can close it when a private event booked it.

And here’s my photo with the Boy who lived vs. the dark lord

This Game of Thrones room will give you some spook after you see that lifesize dragon!
Its just a partial part and acting as a mural of the room.

Great venue for photo op.. And oh BTW, you can also come in here in full costume if you want to have a photo op with the set up

Entering Middle Earth..

Thou shall not pass!!

Btw that Balrog head statue is an original piece and they added some new paint job and ligh effect to stand out and looks realistic. They even add a wing and arms to complete the form of this demonic monster.

Miniature scale of Mount Doom and some diorama from the LOTR series

Inside the Fortress of Solitude…. Its Superman’s home!

Life-like statue of Christopher Reeves as Clark Kent.

More statues of Superman – from Comics version, movie version and different actor version of - Christopher Reeves, Brandon Routh and Henry Cavill.

Entering Themyscira the island city of Wonder Woman.
And here we see lots of Gal Gadot statues.

I hope they can display the classic Wonder Woman played by Lynda Carter.

Here’s a trippy sand painting table for kids.
I like this set up!

Prop replica collectibles seen in Wonder Woman tv series and movies.

Here in Atlantis

The Hall of Justice.
Wow! Super wow factor in this room featuring the statues of the Snyder verse heroes.

The highlight of the Bat cave room is the 1989 – Tim Burton Batman movie – the Batmobile!
Grabe this almost a lifesize scale gave me lots of goosebumps

That platform is rotating and the lights and the mood of the cave plus the Batman music will trick you that you are really inside the Batcave!

Plus, you can ride on it and have a photo op.

There are notes posted by the Omniverse Museum that there are 3 rooms that minors are not allowed inside – this Arkham Asylum room might scare the kids and they do not allow minors to go here.

Lots of Joker statues and other statues and bust of Rogues Gallery aka villains from the Batman verse.

After entering the DC world… we went through another room and its the MARVEL Universe!~
Grabe this lifesize statues of The Avengers are awesome!! And they are complete~

My view from the top of the Avenget Tower, you can see that there’s a Guardians of the Galaxy set, Doctor Strange set and also when you enter the Sanctum Sancturom mansion, you will be teleported to the mirror universe. Yeah a room with lots of mirror

Pic with a silicon head and face of Tom Holland.

We entered also the Avengers armory

And we get to see the Iron Man hall of armors!! Ryan said that this Iron Man armors are a 1st complete set - some of the statues are custom made, just to complete the best armors of Tony Stark.

You can also get your awesome photos here and shout!!! Man and machine! Power Extreme!
Haha 80s kid knows that term.

This Iron Spider looks like it came out from the movies.Complete with light effects.

Leaving the DC and Marvel world, we are transported here at the anime world.
Lots of Naruto, One Piece and Demon Slayer statues.

Im not familiar with some of those anime, but ym heart stays here in the Dragon Ball Z corner.

They also have this library set from the Hell Boy movie verse~
Wow! Its really like a real library. And you can borrow books here to read and also you can spot that table with educational activity for kids.

Another room that they dont allow minors is the Horror room.
You know already what to see here.

From Nosferatu, The Creature from the Black Lagoon to Count Dracula are all here.

Many people got scared of Pennywise the clown from the IT movie.
While me.. I got scared and surprised to see another horror character there.. Ahhaha I wont tell who.

Kala ko kasi may tao talaga.

After the horror room we get to enter the world of Aliens, Predators and Terminators.
Sana meron na din Robocop para complete sa Dark Horse universe.

On pic above is one of the popular weapons of a Predator in movies.

This is the last room and after this, we get to exit and enjoy the lifesize statues of some cartoon characters like Popeye, The Simpsons and Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Ok din ha, para relax ang eyes after matakot sa displays.

There’s a secret room that is not open for the public, its like their office for Ryan Sison. But we are happy that they allow us to enter it and get more stories from Ryan.

These are some of his collections featuring movie posters with signatures and lots of ALEX ROSS giclee on canvass artwork signed by Alex Ross and —-- STAN the man LEE !!!!!

This room is my fave! Its really another version of a man cave!
Plus I got inspired to try framing my movie posters collection

Did you know that I have movie poster of Captain Marvel, all signed by the movie cast and yeah that includes Samuel L Jackson and Brie Larson

One of my fave Alex Ross artwork
Someday I can have my own and be posted in my room

Pero grabe, a giclee on canvass SRP is at around 900 USD above.

Here’s another proper way to display movie photograph with signature..
Ahh sige papa frame ko din yun saken.

Kitams, the Omniverse museum also educate me on how to take care my collectibles.

Grabe.. One of the best silicon head sculpt of Bruce Lee.
This is better than we see on a wax museum haha.

And last piece that make me super wow! Is to see Superman movie poster signed by all actors and actresses – including Marlon Brandon and Christopher Reeves. Grabe..

And here I am with Mr Ryan Sison. For me he is a super collector!!! Thanks sir for sharing your collection for viewing and this will inspire not just kids but also fellow collectors as well.

I have a full vlog tour of the Omniverse Museum. Just go to my Youtube channel and see my reaction viewing the best collector’s museum ever here in the Philippines


Omniverse Museum
Japan Town 4F Glorietta, Ayala Center Makati

Entrance: PHP 1499

Contact Info |



Monday 12:00NN-9:00PM

Tuesday 12:00NN-9:00PM

Wednesday 12:00NN-9:00PM

Thursday 12:00NN-9:00PM

Friday 12:00NN-9:00PM

Saturday 12:00NN-9:00PM

Sunday 12:00NN-9:00PM

*Last call to enter is at 7PM

*Holiday schedules and special events are posted on social media pages

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