Blog: SM Supermalls in partner with DOTr to spread awareness about road sharing

Im here in SM MOA for the presscon and launch of SM Supermalls collab with DOTr to spread info about road sharing

Just in time when theres a public jeepney strike that will last for a week, a protest sound off of PUJ drivers about the government plan for phasing out the king of the road.

When there's low volume of jeepney rides, commuters shift back to go back in using their bikes or bicycle.

A regular pedestrian will convert themselves back to civilian cyclist, just to transport them from point A to point B.

But there are pro cyclist who knows the rules of the road, especially, the road sharing and use of bike lanes. And there are newbies cyclist who are just starting to learn and also motorist that majority uses the main road for transportation and dont forget that we have the pedestrians who uses roads to cross to other side of the street.

These 4 kinds of road users share one kind of road, and thats why road sharing should be observed and follow rules of the road

Thats why DOTr is game to collab with SM Supermalls, to spread awareness the do's and dont's when sharing a road for everyone, being as motorist, pedestrian or cyclist.

The malls of SM will be used as an info center in educating the people about road sharing

Digital and ground info placement will be scattered around the mall to help educate us what will be the benefit of road sharing and what are the rules.

For the digital video campaign. They got Kuya Kim Atienza in hosting a video infographic explaining the road sharing rules.

The video can be seen here on my FB page, and expect a vid. From SM and DOTr posted on their FB Pages


Hati hati sa Daan para ang byahe derecho lang. SM Supermalls joins the share the road advocacy with DOTr

Photos from the launch

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