Eastern Communications wins B2B Initiative of the Year award at the 2023 Asian Telecom Awards in Singapore

Eastern Communications Co-Coordinators, Atty. Aileen Regio and Vince Tempongko,
receive the B2B Initiative of the Year Award at 2023 Asian Telecom Awards

In accordance with its promise of High Tech and High Touch services, Eastern Communications took home the B2B Initiative of the Year award at the 2023 Asian Telecom Awards in Singapore.

An international recognition for Asia's most outstanding telecom companies, the 2023 Asian Telecom Awards held in Conrad Centennial, Singapore touted remarkable achievements and initiatives of various telcos around Asia, lauding those with outstanding projects and those that were able to navigate their way through various market challenges while providing relevant and best-in-class products and services to their clients.

Eastern's winning entry, entitled "Eastern Communications Strengthens Infrastructure & Product Portfolio to Swiften Digitalization of Philippine Businesses," highlights the company's infrastructure and product expansion efforts, which support the country's thrust to digitalize its cities and urban centers.

"We are very honored to be recognized by the Asian Telecom Awards for our efforts in assisting more businesses in their digital transformation journeys; being recognized on such a large scale is both a privilege and an opportunity to highlight the Philippine government's goal of further digitalizing and improving its infrastructure," Eastern Communications Co-Coordinator Atty. Aileen Regio said.

With the Philippines being an archipelago, there comes a critical need for reliable connectivity to support various sectors in the digital economy. Additionally, the rising trend of remote and hybrid work arrangements remains to be a challenge as 40% of Filipinos still do not have access to reliable internet connectivity according to research. 

As such, premiere ICT service provider Eastern Communications continued its mission of democratizing technology for the Philippines by establishing more points of connectivity. Eastern Communications allotted a ₱4.3-B budget in the past year and achieved more than 80% of its expansion footprint through the rollout of terrestrial and submarine cable infrastructure building. Establishing the submarine cable network meant providing resilient and reliable access to connectivity services to support the BPO industry in its need to expand operations to islands and cities with rich talent pools.

By the end of 2022, Eastern Communications increased the reach of its fiber network to 26 of its targeted digital cities. Its fiber cable reach has also increased to 8,700km with a total of 180 nodes in 42 business cities located all throughout the Philippines. The company has also expanded its business-grade information and communications technology solutions portfolio to meet the market's increasing demand for digital transformation and provide alternative connectivity options for various unserved areas.

"When we expanded our services and offered ICT solutions, our products and services had to adapt to the rapidly changing digital economy. By focusing on the demands of our customers, we not only became a partner of choice for telecommunications services, but we also evolved into a full ICT service business that caters to our clients' needs," said Eastern Communications Co-Coordinators Vince Tempongko.

By increasing its presence in multiple cities and provinces and introducing its services to key business centers, the telecom is fulfilling its promises to be the partner of businesses in navigating the digital economy while supporting the government's digital cities initiative, which covers urban areas that are poised for rapid growth and progressive opportunities.

Eastern Communications is an internationally acclaimed, multi-awarded company that continues to champion solutions for both the biggest industry players and emerging businesses through its unique brand of "High Tech" and its "High Touch" service. To learn more about Eastern Communications' services, visit eastern.com.ph.

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