“Panahon sa Taiwan: Ang Iyong Love Story” Travel Fair Triumphs in Grand Kick-Off with Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos

The launch of the “Panahon sa Taiwan: Ang Iyong Love Story” Travel Fair unfolded as a resounding success, igniting excitement for an extraordinary journey across Taiwan. Spanning two days, this event marked the commencement of a captivating three-part travel series, promising a deep dive into the beauty of Taiwan.

The spotlight of the event shone brightly on the announcement of the new Taiwan Tourism Ambassadors, the charismatic real and reel life couple, Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos. Having immersed themselves in Taiwan's rich culture during a visit last November, the couple brings a genuine connection and enthusiasm to their roles.

The unveiling of the latest Taiwan Tourism video showcased the picturesque landscapes of Taipei, Nantou County, Chiayi, Taichung, Tainan, and Kaohsiung, providing a visual feast for the audience. The duo added a musical touch to the event, serenading the crowd with a heartfelt rendition of "Qing Fei De Yi (Can't Help Falling In Love)" from the iconic TV show Meteor Garden.

A subsequent press conference featuring Gabbi Garcia, Khalil Ramos, Taiwan Tourism Administration Director Cindy Chen, and Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in the Philippines (TECO) Representative Wallace Minn-Gan Chow, emphasized the importance of the partnership and their joint commitment to promoting the wonders of Taiwan.

Director Cindy Chen announced, "I am thrilled to introduce Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos as Taiwan Tourism Ambassadors. Their exceptional talent, magnetic charm, and significant influence uniquely qualify them to showcase the splendor of Taiwan. We eagerly anticipate this exciting journey with Gabbi for the second year and now with Khalil, as they infuse their distinct flair into promoting Taiwan's wonders to a global audience."

Gabbi Garcia shared her enthusiasm, expressing, "It's an honor to be chosen as one of the Taiwan Tourism Ambassadors for the second time. Returning to Taiwan has allowed me to once again immerse myself in their vibrant culture, this time alongside Khalil." Khalil Ramos conveyed his gratitude, saying, "I'm thankful for this opportunity, and I am genuinely excited to present Taiwan to my fellow Filipinos, encouraging them to explore the charm of this captivating country."

Key Opinion Leaders shared their inspiring travel experiences in Taiwan, further reinforcing the country's allure.

The travel fair offered a delightful experience for guests and mall-goers, featuring free milk teas, games, giveaways, and exclusive travel deals and promos from travel partners. Hosted by Taiwan Tourism Administration and Taiwan Tourism Administration TH, in partnership with the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in the Philippines, the event celebrated the flourishing relationship between Taiwan and the Philippines.

Taiwan has emerged as one of the most sought-after travel destinations for Filipinos, evident in the 274,834 travelers from the Philippines to Taiwan from January to October 2023. This statistic underlines the growing appeal of Taiwan, further facilitated by the visa-free policy. As the partnership blossoms, the love story between Taiwan and the Philippines continues to enchant travelers, promising more unforgettable moments in the years to come.

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