Enstack Supercharges Entrepreneurship with AI-Powered "Magic" Update

 Innovative features simplify online store setup and management, empowering over 100,000 entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams

Enstack, the AI-powered mobile app that enables everyone to be entrepreneurs proudly announces Enstack Magic, an Artificial Intelligence-powered enhancement to its store builder and business management app. With Enstack Magic, setting up an online store will be easier than ever with features engineered to eliminate the barriers hindering entrepreneurs and businesses from launching and scaling their online operations.

Since its launch in 2022, Enstack has amassed over 100,000 users who have harnessed the app's powerful features to streamline their business setup. Whether they're a cult skincare brand or a bed & breakfast in Siargao, Enstack users found that with just three simple steps, they could dream bigger, build smarter, and live richer lives. As Enstack magic continues to roll out in 2024, even more aspiring entrepreneurs will be empowered to kick start their journey.

With the prevalence of AI and the landscape of entrepreneurship rapidly changing, Enstack remains dedicated to delivering cutting-edge business tools infused with AI capabilities that serve users who want to take control of their working lives and build something of their own. And with the introduction of Enstack Magic, the company is taking a significant leap forward, leveraging AI technology to help users redefine business operations, marketing, and overall management in today's digital economy.

Enstack CEO Macy Castillo emphasizes the transformative impact of AI in entrepreneurship, sharing, "Many aspiring entrepreneurs are deterred by the daunting complexities in setting up a business. Enstack Magic uses AI to streamline this process, removing financial, time, and technical barriers and enabling entrepreneurs to fully realize their potential. True to our name, Enstack is an end-to-end platform that simplifies online business management and enables entrepreneurship, ensuring imagination is the only limit to starting a business. This is a pivotal moment for Enstack and for every entrepreneur we serve." Castillo's statement highlights the company's commitment to revolutionizing support for the entrepreneurial community.


The major update brings a suite of powerful features to the Enstack app:
  • Generative Image AI: Enables users to create distinctive logos and elevate product images, setting their branding apart in the digital marketplace.

  • Generative Text Capabilities: Automates the creation of engaging shop and product descriptions, allowing entrepreneurs to quickly launch and update their online stores as well as optimize search engine discoverability.

  • Automated Chat Store: Available to select merchants, this early access feature converts live chats into checkouts, leveraging the same inventory as the Enstack Web Store and Cashier. Tailored for the Filipino market's preference for chat-based shopping, it offers a hands-off way to manage orders through the Enstack app.

  • AI Shop Assistant: An upcoming feature that promises to revolutionize business management with order tracking, fulfillment reminders, payment follow-ups, and more. This assistant will also offer capabilities for custom report generation and CRM, becoming an essential tool for efficient business operations.

Enstack combines AI-driven solutions with personalized support from its Experience Team, offering hands-on mentorship to help merchants succeed. Along with a network of mentors and partners, this unique blend of AI-driven solutions and hands-on mentorship ensures that users receive the support necessary for success. Enstack continues to lead in innovation and is committed to fostering a supportive community for entrepreneurs. It hosted numerous successful community events, partnerships, and workshops last year and plans to extend these initiatives into the current year, further enhancing its offerings and contributing to a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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