Here are the 6 movies and 25 short films for Puregold Cine Panalo Film Festival 2024

We were thrilled to cover this event on our blog right after the press conference and presentation of the talented film makers. And now, after several months of anticipation, the moment has arrived! The Puregold Cine Panalo Film Festival is finally here, showcasing the incredible works of student film makers.

The festival features a total of 25 short films created by these aspiring filmmakers, as well as 6 full-length movies crafted by seasoned professionals. It's an exciting opportunity to witness the creativity and talent of both the emerging and established voices in the film industry.

We can't wait to see the remarkable films that will be showcased in this festival! It's a celebration of passion, dedication, and the art of storytelling.

The Puregold Cine Panalo Film Festival 2024 is currently happening at Gateway Cineplex 18, Araneta City from March 15-19, 2024. This grand film festival, organized by Puregold, is a platform for new and mostly student filmmakers to display their skills.


6 Full-Length Films

25 Student Short Films

1 Panalo Film Festival

Ticket prices

PHP 300 regular

PHP240 for students, PWD and Senior (bring your ID)

PHP 2000 for festival pass

For schedule of the films, go here -

“Pushcart Tales” (2024)

Director: Sigrid Andrea P. Bernardo

"Pushcart Tales" is a dramedy that takes place entirely within the walls of a grocery store. The story revolves around six individuals, a diverse group of employees and customers, who find themselves unexpectedly trapped due to a severe storm.

“Boys at the Back” (2024)

Director: Raynier F. Brizuela

Inspired by true events, a gifted yet rebellious high school student transfers from a prestigious academy to a notorious "cursed section" in a public school. There, he befriends a group of misfits known as "The Boys at the Back" and embarks on a mission to help them graduate, showcasing the transformative power of unity and friendship.

“A Lab Story” (2024)

Director: Carlo Obispo

To overcome bullying and defy expectations, an Aeta girl teams up with a folk healer’s son to compete against a 10-year champion in the Agri-Quiz Bee - Finals.

“Road to Happy” (2024)

Director: Joel Ferrer

A self-centered influencer on his way to a gig finds himself babysitting a lost, loud-mouthed, 9-year-old girl who snuck into his van to find her way back home.

“One Day League: Dead Mother, Dead All” (2024)

Director: Eugene Torres

On a mission to secure funds for their Coach’s burial, Mary rallies their all-gay volleyball team together to reunite for a one-day league.

“Under a Piaya Moon” (2024)

Director: Kurt Soberano

In 1980s Bacolod City, a young man aspires to continue the family legacy by winning an inter-city pastry competition with the help of his feuding grandfather and grandmother.

“Kaibigan ko si Batman” (2024)

Director: Terrence Gale Fernandez

A troubled teenage boy discovers newfound purpose as he reluctantly accepts his childhood crush Zoe’s request to take care of her cat, "Batman." This sparks an unforeseen connection that empowers him to overcome academic failure, achieve personal growth, and uncover the true meaning of success.

“I am Mutya and I Thank You!” (2024)

Director: Joshua Andrey A. Doce

After getting bullied by her classmates about her size, Mutya embarks on a dazzling journey to join their school pageant.

“Last Shift” (2024)

Director: Ronjay Mendiola

Bilang call center agents, natagpuan nina Joel at Romar ang isa't-isa bilang magkasangga. Ngunit, kasabay ng paglala ng krisis ay ang pagdala kay Joel sa isang desisyon na magsasantabi sa mga pangarap na nabuo nilang dalawa.

“May Kulay Rosas ba sa Bahaghari?” (2024)

Director: Marian Jayce R. Tiongzon

A bright and curious elementary school boy begins to question the gender norms placed upon him as he navigates the challenging terrain of a conservative community.

“Hallway Scholar” (2024)

Director: Haris Eseo Cataag

Undeterred by his humble background as a school janitor, Mang Alberto seizes an opportunity to fulfill his dream of teaching by stepping out of the shadows of his current job to guide a group of struggling students towards unexpected academic success.

“Repeater si Peter” (2024)

Director: John Pistol Carmen

Fifty-year-old Peter Velasquez is set to take the Licensure Examination for Teachers after five failed attempts. His son, Percy, who is a one-time LET taker and passer, will serve as his coach in his reviewing venture.

“Kang Pagpuli Ko (I’m Here, Where Are You?)” (2024)

Director: Joanah Pearl Demonteverde. A corporate slave's homecoming takes a surprising turn when she arrives at a missing house.

“Paano po gumawa ng college? ” (2024)

Director: Mark Terence Molave

After misspelling ‘collage’ as ‘college’, a young boy inquires about what college is in his local neighborhood where nobody has ever attended university.

“Abandoned Lullabies” (2024)

Director: Tyrone Lean J. Taotao

After receiving a text from his father, Axl, a grief-stricken man must return to his province to resolve what remains after his mother's death, causing him to descend into the depths of his past.

“Si Mary May Crush Kay Tess” (2024)

Director: Jhunel Ablaza Monterde

Mary, a thirteen-year-old girl, challenges three supreme beings in their barangay called “Tatlong Reyna” in hopes of defeating the ruthless ladies and hiding her own secret. In a world brimming with endless information, can secrets last?

“Ka Benjie” (2024)

Director: Alexa Moneii Agaloos

Nabulabog ang tahimik na buhay ng nangangarap na si Ka Benjie nang mabalitaan ang enrollment sa kabilang baryo.

“Lola, Lola, Paano ba ‘Yan?” (2024)

Director: Iya W. Dalluay

As Gelo spends time doing ceramics with Lola Luz, he learns more about his mother's experiences and struggles.

“Naduea Eoman Si Brownie! (Brownie’s Lost Again!)” (2024)

Director: Doxford D. Perlas

A family of four is forced to confront their repressed emotions when their beloved pet Brownie goes missing.

“Lutong Bahay” (2024)

Director: Jose Mikyl Medina

Sabay na haharap at susugal sa pangarap ang isang lola na kinagisnan ang kusina at ang kanyang apo na nabighani sa mahika ng pelikula.

“Distansya” (2024)

Director: Daniel Gil

In one boring summer, can a driving lesson help Ed connect with his physically present but emotionally distant teenage son Jude?

“Tambal nga Sabaw (Remedy Soup)” (2024)

Director: John Wilbert Llever Sucaldito

The youngest of two brothers has to accept independence now that their mom has left to work abroad.

“Layag sa Pangarap” (2024)

Director: Andrea S. Ponce

Sean struggles to navigate the winds of his aspirations against the currents of his father's expectations. He is torn between setting sail for his dreams or being anchored to his father's vision of him becoming a marine.

“Sa Hindi Paghahangad” (2024)

Director: Neil M. Espino

Pressured by upcoming life changes, two friends discover that there is more to life than just the future that awaits.

“Kung Nag-aatubili” (2024)

Director: Dizelle C. Masilungan

While a socially anxious college student is having a hard time finding inspiration for his thesis painting, he meets a stranger in a casual encounter and an unexpected connection grows between them.

“Text FIND DAD and Send to 2366” (2024)

Director: Kent Michael Cadungog

In an attempt to find her estranged father, an uncharismatic teenage girl must convince a voice to cast her in an upcoming reality TV show

Dzai, Dzai, Dzai Delilah” (2024)

Director: Edz Haniel Purificacion

Delilah is a typical bestie who believes she radiates supporting role energy in other people’s stories, until she realizes she wants to be a main character herself.

“Smokey Journey” (2024)

Director: Jenievive B. Adame

When the backbone of the family loses his job, a clumsy yet hardworking father decides to open a carinderia business, filling their home and lives with a thick cloud of smoke.

“Tiil ni Lola” (2024)

Director: Reutsche Colle R. Lima

In the year 2005, a pre-show interview tells the story of the rising stars of Cebu City: TGBTB (Tagubtob). Four siblings share the beginning of their musical journey and how it was able to continue.

“Queng Apag” (2024)

Director: Alexandra Lapid

Tisha was raised by a single parent who she can tell whatever happens in her life during their shared meals. However, a shift in her sexual preference puts their special bond to the test.

“Saan Ako Pinaglihi?” (2024)

Director: Rafaela Abucejo

Eight-year-old Chinky, the daughter of a lesbian couple, is curious to discover how she was conceived

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