New STAR WARS shirts in Uniqlo - maganda ba?

A few days ago, in a galaxy far far away….. Uniqlo Philippines revealed their latest collection of Star Wars-themed shirts. These new designs draw inspiration from the original Star Wars movie posters - specifically, A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi.

The artwork for these shirts has been reimagined by Japanese artist Kosuke Kawamura. All designs are featured on short-sleeve UT shirts, and some are presented as back prints, which have received mixed reviews from fans. Not everyone is a fan of the back print design!

However, there are also some impressive Star Wars shirts from Uniqlo that feature well-executed designs on the front.

Each of these unique designs is priced at PHP990.
Kuha ka?

Who is Kosuke Kawamura?
Kosuke Kawamura is a renowned collage artist, graphic designer, and art director from Japan. He has an extensive portfolio, providing graphics for various apparel brands, creating collaboration T-shirts, and designing a wide variety of items, including books and DVD/CD jackets. He has also created the key visual for Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo for two consecutive seasons. His unique and innovative style is what makes his artwork so recognizable and sought after.

Source: [Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo](

Return of the Jedi - Uniqlo shirt

Ok na sana ito, but back print is not for me. Pag nag suot ako ng back pack bag, the back print wil be covered.

As a STAR WARS fan, I like to showcase the fandom on front of my shirt.

The Empire Strikes Back - Uniqlo shirt

Ok na sana, but the statement is printed on the back

The Empire Strikes Back - Uniqlo shirt

Add to cart na ito

The Empire Strikes Back - Uniqlo shirt

This one is also good!!! Front print and for those who want to wear white shirt. Just dont wear it if you plan to have a buffet food trip.

A new hope - Uniqlo shirt

Almost perfect!!! I like the vintage Star Wars logo and also the original design poster.

But its a back print.. Ewww

Phantom Menace - Uniqlo shirt

Jusko!!! It is super plain and snaa ginawa nila black shirt.. But I dont care! Its a back print design. This is out of my bag!

So that’s it, did you like the new Star Wars shirts in Uniqlo?
If yes, which design?

If not, ok lang, wait na lang ng new design

See the entire set here at Uniqlo’s website

And also badtrip naka kita na naman ako ng new bag hahahah

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