Reader’s Digest Unveils the Brands and Personalities That Captured Filipinos’ Trust in 2024

On Friday 22 March, 2024 the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands Awards will be presented to winners gathered to celebrate at the Marco Polo Ortigas Manila Hotel at 7pm. The awards gala will see marketing minds and business leaders gather to celebrate the remarkable brands that have captured the highest echelons of consumer confidence in the Philippine market. These brands go beyond mere customer engagement – they exemplify a steadfast commitment to fulfilling their promises and cultivating an invaluable asset: their customers’ unwavering trust.

For 26 consecutive years, the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands annual survey has highlighted the vital role trust plays in shaping consumer behaviour. Securing and retaining consumer trust poses growing challenges for brands, whether established or emerging.

“Consumers are unrelenting in their expectations of the brands they purchase from, with each one expecting value for money as well as excellent quality,” says Reader’s Digest Editor-in-Chief, Louise Waterson. “Having a consumer’s trust in your brand can take years to earn. It involves careful planning, product research, dedicated ongoing customer service, and outstanding reliability and value. But this hard work pays off when a brand is recognised in the market as a Trusted Brand. Congratulations to all the brands celebrating success in this year’s Trusted Brands Awards.”

The Trusted Brands survey is one of the oldest and most esteemed consumer surveys globally, embodying independence, consumer choice, and global recognition. With a rich history of authenticity and reliability, it remains an unbiased reflection of consumer preferences.

“There’s no doubt, that the strength of our Trusted Brands survey lies in its longevity and consistent methodology,” says Sheron White, Retail and Advertising Sales Director for Reader’s Digest Asia-Pacific. “Over the years, it has helped countless brands understand what matters most to their customers. Earning the right to display a Trusted Brands Trustmark logo is a significant benchmark across the various industries surveyed as it identifies which brands and services local consumers trust most.”

Also celebrating today is an elite group of individuals who have won the coveted awards in the Most Trusted categories of Sportsperson (Alyssa Valdez), Radio Presenter (Noli De Castro), Entertainment & Variety Presenter (Vice Ganda), TV Host For News & Current Affairs (Atom Araullo).


The personalities that Filipinos put their trust in most were:


Most Trusted Radio Presenter

Renowned for his extensive experience and fearless approach to addressing critical issues, this esteemed broadcaster has garnered international acclaim for his public broadcasting service. His program, KBYN Kaagapay ng Bayan, was honored with the Best Public Affairs Program award at the New York Festivals TV and Film awards. Recognizable to all in the room, he served as Vice President for six years before returning to his passion for broadcasting. He anchors the longstanding radio programs Kabayan and TeleRadyo Serbisyo Balita, and is well known for his TV program, TV Patrol.


Most Trusted Entertainment & Variety Presenter

Vice Ganda is celebrated as one of the Philippines’ most accomplished entertainers, excelling across various mediums including comedy, television, film, and music. With numerous blockbuster hits to his name, Vice Ganda’s enduring popularity and cultural impact make him a national treasure. His authenticity and advocacy against discrimination have earned him widespread respect and trust, culminating in his sixth consecutive win as the Most Trusted Entertainment & Variety Presenter.


Most Trusted TV Host For News & Current Affairs

With a career spanning over two decades, he made his debut on our screens at the age of ten in 5 and Up. Not only is he an exceptional actor, radio and TV host, but he is primarily recognized as a journalist. His journey in news reporting began with the GMA network, where he made a mark with his documentaries, including the acclaimed Atom Araullo Specials, I-Witness, Stand for Truth, and the award-winning Philippine Seas. An episode from the Araullo Specials, titled ‘Munting Bisig’, received accolades at both the Cannes Corporate Media Awards and the New York Festivals for TV and film. His illustrious career has been adorned with numerous awards, establishing him as one of the most recognizable faces in broadcast journalism in the Philippines.


Most Trusted Sportsperson

Affectionately dubbed the Queen of Volleyball, this exceptional athlete shines as a member of the Creamline Cool Smashers, victors of the 2023 Premier Volleyball League, and a key asset to the Philippines national team. Her prowess has led her to compete internationally for esteemed clubs in Thailand and Taiwan, fueled by a belief in self-trust as the foundation of team success. Renowned for her unwavering commitment to values like trust and teamwork, exemplified by her iconic motto ‘HeartStrong’, she is cherished by Filipinos of all generations as a national treasure. It is with great honor that Alyssa Valdez receives the accolade for Most Trusted Sports Personality, as bestowed by the Filipino populace.


The award-winning Trusted Brands, outlined in the Reader’s Digest 26th annual survey, listen to customer concerns, sympathize with their situations and provide the necessary support and assistance to their customers because they appreciate these valued relationships.

“With trust, there’s no surprises. Trust is built on the traditional foundations of quality, consistency, honesty and delivering on your promises. No matter what external changes may impact, whether it be economic, climate or even political, the core values of trust remain solid,” says Editor-in-Chief, Louise Waterson.

This year’s winning brands ranged across more than 45 categories and include products and services as diverse as air conditioners, canned tuna, banks and optical stores.

Platinum Awards went to those brands that perform exceptionally, based on consumers’ perception. In the poll, these brands attained scores that exceed those of their nearest competitors. Some of the awardees were:

Banks – BDO;

Credit Card Issuing Banks – BDO;

Drug Stores/ Pharmacies – Mercury Drug;

Health and Beauty Retail Stores – Watsons;

Life Insurance – Sun Life;

Mattresses – Uratex;

Milk Teas – Macao Imperial Tea;

Pens – Pilot;

Travel Insurance – AXA; and

TV Networks – GMA

Gold Awards went to brands that had outstanding results, based on the perception of consumers. Some of the brands included in this list were:

Plasticware – Orocan;

Washing Machines – Whirlpool;

Cooking Oils – Baguio Oil;

Air Conditioners – Panasonic;

Refrigerators – Panasonic;

Washing Machines – Panasonic;

Vacuum Cleaners – Panasonic;

Optical Shops/Stores – Ideal Vision Center;

Airfreight/Courier Services – J &T Express;

Refrigerators – Sharp;

Air Purifiers – Sharp

Washing Machines – Sharp;

Air Conditioners – Carrier;

Life Insurance – AIA;

Health Insurance – AIA;

TV Networks – ABS-CBN;

Investment Fund Companies – BDO;

Personal/Consumer Loans – BDO;

Travel Insurance – BDO;

Drug Stores/Pharmacies – Watsons;

Life Insurance – AXA;

Health Insurance – AXA;

Personal Computers (Desktop / Notebook / Tablet) – Acer;

Travel Insurance – Pacific Cross;

Natural Food Supplements – USANA; and

Washing Machines – Whirlpool.

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