Sony brings the new era of entertainment and technology at the Next-Gen XP

Catering to the needs and lifestyle of the Next-Generation, Sony Philippines brings a new era of entertainment and technology as it features top-of-the-line products and gadgets in its interactive event, the Next-Gen XP, at the Mega Fashion Hall in SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City.

The event showcased Sony’s latest line of speakers, cameras, TVs, and headphones in awe-inspiring interactive installations, along with fun activities, the hippest performances from the internationally acclaimed dance crew A-Team, up-and-coming next-gen dance sensation Carlos Serrano III, and special performances from P-pop Female Alpha G22 and Wish Breakthrough Artist of the Year 2024, JOSH CULLEN.

The theme “Next-Gen XP” is an homage to today's youth culture, as Sony, being a trusted brand and leader in technology, continues to innovate to meet the updated demands of each generation, empowering the consumers in their entertainment and productivity needs.

“Sony has always aimed to inspire younger generations to pursue their passions, whether it's music, travel, gaming, or anything else. Our purpose at Sony is to support your dreams with the power of technology, creating experiences that move many hearts, and deliver them to people around the world through our products, making people’s lives full of inspiration,” Nobuyoshi Otake, President and Managing Director of Sony Philippines.

Experience the Next-Generation with Sony

The main feature of the event was experiential booths dedicated to showcasing Sony’s next-gen products and their integration into various lifestyles. The experiential booths were intended to make the event more engaging with the participants with an immersive installation that allows guests to see each product in different lifestyle scenarios. Participants in the event were able to witness the versatility of Sony’s technology; whether traveling, relaxing at a coffee shop, chilling with friends at the beach, or partying at the dance studio.

Each booth featured a next-gen Sony product that was fit for every lifestyle. The inviting Dance Studio booth for all partygoers featured the Sony’s SRS-XV800 Wireless Party Speaker which is equipped with Omni-directional sound that allows audio to fill an entire room, such as a big dance studio.


MJ Arda, from the award-winning, worldwide dance crew A-Team, shared the team’s experience with the SRS-XV800 and Sony’s next-generation line of wireless speakers, the X-Series. “When we train, we want to ensure that we are in the zone through the audio we hear. For us, dancing is all about emotions, creating connections with the audience, and conveying a message. Without the initial lift provided by the audio we hear, we cannot set the mood. But with the X-Series, every time the sound emanates from it, we hear every bit of what we need,” he shared.

Along with MJ, dancer and choreographer Joshua Decena also shared his thoughts on Sony’s X-Series speakers. “We have multiple studios, which makes the X-series very helpful since we can conveniently bring them anywhere. Its portability doesn't compromise sound quality either; a single speaker such as the SRS-XV900 can even cover an entire court, ensuring we still feel the bass,” he explained.

For those who love outdoor vibes, the Beach Party booth showcases the SRS-XP500 and the SRS-XG300 speakers, which have ratings of water resistance, perfect for bringing the music to a seaside celebration. No beach party is complete without someone recording the experience with the featured A7C II camera, a camera packed with cutting-edge capture technology that allows one to capture both beach photos and videos in high resolution.

The hero product for the Travel Booth is none other than the WH-1000XM5 Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones, equipped with industry-leading noise-canceling technology that lets one have a peaceful train commute without the interruption of those noisy train tracks.

Digital creator and tech reviewer Isa Rodriguez of Isa Knows Tech also commented on how Sony’s headphones could be a partner for one’s daily life. “I like living my life with background music! Doing what we do, we travel a lot for coverage and events, so whether it be me vibing, traveling, or editing audio that I just shot, this comes in handy,” she shared. “Sony offers industry-leading noise cancellation, and they don’t say it lightly; that is a fact, and that is something I can attest to,” Isa added, explaining why she keeps choosing Sony’s WF-1000XM5.

For multifaceted influencer and lifestyle content creator Yael Arevalo, Sony’s wireless headphones like the WH-CH520 aren't just handy for traveling; they're also invaluable for content creation. “If you're seeking a fashionable and aesthetic device, I highly recommend Sony’s WH-CH520! It's affordable for everyone, yet it delivers the quality that can elevate your lifestyle,” he shared.

For those traveling to the city for the first time, the ZV1-II camera, another feature in the Travel booth, is equipped with a wide-angle 18mm that lets travelers shoot a wider field, offering the opportunity to take wider cityscapes.

The star device featured in the Next-Gen XP’s Café booth is the ZV-E10 camera, which allows one to take beautiful images with intricate bokeh effects.

Fashion, film, and art content creator Jaz Reyes emphasized the importance of having high-quality equipment, such as the ZV-E10, to inspire her to create daily content. “Good quality ideas have to match the equipment you use. Whether it’s audio or video, both are crucial aspects that need to be captured well. What’s great is Sony consistently upgrades their equipment to match the level of creativity we envision,” she explained.

Also featured in the Café booth is the SRS-XE300 speaker which has a Line Diffuser that lets the audio travel far, perfect for filling an entire cafe with ambient music. Complimenting the cafe aesthetic is the WH-CH520, Sony’s lightweight headphones with a trendy design that is perfect for one’s quaint business casual look.

Rising content creator, Aimee Yap, shares how she uses Sony’s audio products, like the WH-CH520, in her daily life. “I utilize it for nearly every aspect of my day – be it commuting, indulging in video content, adding a touch of fashion flair, and particularly during editing sessions. It’s comfortable and lightweight, reducing fatigue during extended use,” she commented.

Participants who joined the raffle and social media contests were also able to get a chance to bring home some of the featured products in the event as well, such as WF-C500 Truly Wireless Headphones, the WF-C700 Truly Wireless Headphones, the WI-C100 Wireless In-Ear Headphones, the SRS-XP500 Portable Wireless Speaker, and the SRS-XG300 Portable Wireless Speaker.

Next-Gen Performances at Mega Fashion Hall

The Next-Gen event would not have been complete without the exciting performances from some of the most coveted performers in the country. Turning up the fun was the world-renowned dance crew A-Team and their electrifying dance performance featuring the next-gen party speakers, the Sony X-Series, followed by the impressive dance skills of dancer-choreographer Carlos Serrano III.

Guests were also welcomed with girl power through the rising P-Pop girl group G22 composed of AJ, Alfea, and Jaz, performing hit songs such as “BANG!”, “Boomerang,” and “Loka.”

To cap the party, JOSH CULLEN, a distinguished member of the phenomenal P-Pop group SB19, filled the Next-Gen XP event with his captivating presence while performing his hit solo single, “Wild Tonight” along with other songs, "Sofa" and "Get Right".

The Sony Next-Gen XP event also marked the first-ever collaboration between Sony Philippines and Sony Music. "Sony Music is thrilled to collaborate with Sony Philippines under the One Sony initiative. The exciting Next-Gen line of audio, imaging, and video equipment is a perfect match for our efforts at Sony Music to bring world-class Filipino entertainment content to all music lovers. We look forward to even more fruitful partnerships in the near future," shared Roslyn Pineda, General Manager of Sony Music Entertainment Philippines.

Sony has proven how their line of headphones, TVs, cameras, and speakers can be tailored towards any lifestyle in any setting. Today’s generation, known for their multitasking and the need to soul-search, is always in need of something they can use in their ever-changing lifestyles. This is the main concept of Sony’s “Next-Generation”, bringing innovation to a generation always changing, and always evolving. Technology should not just do one thing, and Sony’s mission is to make technology malleable to all types of people, making their lives easier and their dreams achievable.

Learn more about what is in store at Sony. Visit Sony’s official pages and stay tuned for more updates and exciting news. Visit Sony Philippines on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok!

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