Sony releases the latest addition to the CineAlta digital cinema camera line, the “BURANO”

Versatile, lightweight, and compact full-frame 8K cinema camera, now available in the Philippines. 

Directors, aspiring filmmakers, and media guests come together to celebrate the launch of Sony’s BURANO camera in the Philippines.

Sony Philippines has officially launched the BURANO Camera in the Philippines, Sony’s latest addition to the CineAlta digital cinema camera lineup that introduces a new era in cinematography. Professional filmmakers, aspiring film students, and photography enthusiasts alike were given the opportunity to witness Sony’s vision to create an innovative, next-generation digital cinema camera that aims to redefine the cinema shooting experience. 

Live demonstration of the Sony BURANO camera

Launched in Green Sun Makati, BURANO was unveiled to participants from all over the film industry and academe. Present as well were internationally renowned cinematographer, director, and producer O Sing-Pui along with award-winning cinematographer and Sony Alpha professional JA Tadena, sharing their takes on high-quality cinematography that underlined Sony’s contribution to redefining the cinema shooting experience with the BURANO’s next-generation features. The launch was moderated by Sony Product Expert and commercial director Nigel Laxamana. Moreover, participants were able to learn quick tips from the guest speakers through the demonstrations as well as touch-and-try sessions. 

The BURANO features a sensor that matches the color science of another iconic camera within the CineAlta line, the VENICE 2, and is specially designed for single-camera operators and small film crews. This camera combines exceptional image quality with high mobility and is the world's first digital cinema camera with a PL-Mount to feature in-body image stabilization. 

The cinema camera features an 8.6K full-frame sensor that shares most of the VENICE 2 specifications, enabling it to work alongside that camera in all types of productions. The sensor features dual base ISO of 800 and 3200 and 16 stops of latitude that can produce stunning images even in the most challenging lighting conditions. The BURANO can film at frame rates including up to 8K at 30 frames per second, 6K at 60 frames per second or 4K at 120 frames per second.

“There are many things that need to be considered when shooting, like balancing the light when shooting an interior or exterior shot. The BURANO camera adjusts all these considerations by itself,” O-Sing Pui shared, underlining the camera’s ability to shoot in any lighting condition.

Likewise, JA Tadena was impressed with BURANO’s many accessible features that make the cinema shooting experience more efficient than ever before. “When you talk about cinema cameras, the first thing that comes to mind is that they are usually fully manual. There is no such thing as ‘Autofocus’” JA remarked. “Adjusting the focus is less of a problem now with the BURANO, which is equipped with the full Autofocus system present in other Sony cameras. This makes my work more efficient than ever”. 

“The Sony BURANO camera has revolutionary features to cater to the needs of filmmakers in expressing their creativity and imagination,” Nigel Laxamana commented. “The BURANO’s smart features to adapt enables cinematographers to circumvent the long hours of production. Being able to have variation in shooting styles to take the perfect shot instead of shooting multiple times for a single scene.”

Panel Discussion with Nigel Laxamana, JA Tadena, and O-Sing Pui

The First Digital Cinema Camera with PL-mount and Built-In Optical Image Stabilization

BURANO is the world's first digital cinema camera with PL-mount to support in-body image stabilization. With a newly developed image stabilization mechanism and control algorithm that leverages the advanced image stabilization technology cultivated in the Alpha™ series of mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras, unwanted camera shake, such as movement from shooting handheld or walking, can be corrected when shooting with an E-mount or PL-mount lens. With Fast Hybrid and Subject Recognition AF with AI, filmmakers no longer need a bigger crew to shoot stable, high-definition images, no matter how demanding the scenario is. 

An Easier, Efficient Shooting Experience

Shooting film has never been easier with the BURANO’s multi-purpose touchscreen LCD monitor, a flexible mounting system, and a versatile, robust handle which makes the camera easily configurable to any different shooting style. With the camera’s ergonomic design, it is now easier to switch between shoulder-mount, handheld, gimbal, or drone operation. BURANO can be configured for large and small projects, solo or with an entire crew. 

The BURANO is now available for purchase in the Philippines. Learn more about Sony’s innovative, lightweight cinema camera:  

Professional and aspiring filmmakers got the chance to experience
Sony’s BURANO camera during the touch-and-try session

A scene at the living room with the Sony BURANO camera

Filming the flow of movement with the Sony BURANO camera

Capturing the action with the Sony BURANO camera

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