The Ultimate Lionsgate Play Lineup to Binge at Your Next Girl Gang Marathon

    Strong female leads take center stage with these titles on Lionsgate Play.

March celebrates International Women’s Day, a.k.a. the perfect time of the year to gather the girl gang and hit play on any of these films and series on Lionsgate Play featuring fierce heroines in their own right. From hilarious squads navigating careers and love to skilled female agents in high-stakes espionage, these picks offer something for every woman. So, grab your popcorn, settle in with your besties, and celebrate the awesomeness of women on screen.

P-Valley (2020) - Series

The American drama television series P-Valley tells the kaleidoscopic story of a “little strip club that could.” Down deep in the Mississippi Delta, the bright, neon lights of The Pynk shine. The strip club features a diverse cast of characters, women from all walks of life grappling with their ambitions, traumas, and desires. Two seasons in, the show continues to pull viewers in as it tackles themes of race, gender, class, religion, and more.

Mama’s Affair (2022) - Movie

Hong Kong drama film Mama’s Affair is a heartfelt story about Mei-fung, a former talent manager and housewife who discovers a new star, reigniting her passion for the entertainment world. But balancing her career and family life isn’t easy, especially since her newfound appreciation for her job sparks jealousy in her teenage son. Mama’s Affair dives into the challenges of a single mother and the choices she has to make for her career, family, and personal fulfillment. 

Little Women (2017) - Series

Louisa May Alcott’s classic 1869 novel Little Women is a universal coming-of-age story so well-loved by generations worldwide, that it’s been made into multiple stage and screen adaptations. The 2017 BBC adaptation is a three-part miniseries that follows the lives of the March sisters—Jo, Meg, Beth, and Amy—as they navigate the challenges and trials of journeying from childhood to adulthood. It stars Maya Hawke, Jonah Hauer-King, Emily Watson, Angela Lansbury, and Michael Gambon

Atomic Blonde (2017) - Movie

This action-packed thriller throws Charlize Theron into the heart of Cold War Berlin as Lorraine Broughton, a top MI6 agent known for her ruthlessness and skill. Tasked with investigating a fellow agent's murder and retrieving a critical list of double agents, Lorraine navigates a treacherous world dominated by men. Atomic Blonde is a high-octane adventure that portrays female strength and resilience. Here, Theron portrays a complex and powerful protagonist who proves she can more than hold her own in a brutal environment.

Run the World (2021) - Series

In Run the World, four ambitious and glamorous best friends in their 30s spend a life-altering summer in Harlem, New York, in pursuit of world domination. Or at least a version of it in their everyday lives. This vibrant American comedy series perfectly captures friendship and the growing pains of navigating love, careers, and self-discovery in the dynamic city that never sleeps.

Killing Eve (2018) - Series

In this captivating spy thriller, Sandra Oh stars as Eve, a brilliant MI6 investigator tasked to capturing Villanelle, an assassin played by Jodie Comer. As the ruthless cat-and-mouse progresses, the two women find themselves strangely drawn to each other. Eve and Villanelle form a complex and twisted bond over four seasons of psychological warfare, often blurring the lines between hunter and hunted. Killing Eve isn’t a typical spy narrative. It explores female power, obsession, and, like both women, soon finds out how we can be drawn to the darkness we mirror in others.

Tune into Lionsgate Play for more titles featuring bold heroines and stories celebrating female empowerment!

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