UNIQLO empowers women to break stereotypes at She Talks Asia Summit 2024

The global apparel retailer discusses how it supports women in achieving their goals through LifeWear

March 16, 2024 Manila, Philippines- In line with Women’s Month, UNIQLO teamed up with She Talks Asia Summit 2024 to discuss how comfort, confidence, and the freedom to breathe empower women to achieve their goals. She Talks Asia is a movement that amplifies messages of empowerment, diversity, and inclusion, as this year’s summit centered on rewriting narratives to allow every woman to thrive.

(L-R) She Talks Asia Co-founder Bianca Gonzales-Intal, UNIQLO Philippines VP for Marketing Georgette Barrera-Jalasco, UNIQLO Bratop user and advocate Jasmine Curtis-Smith, and She Talks Asia Co-founder Lynn Pinugu share the stage during the She Talks Asia Summit 2024

Aligned with the goals of She Talks Asia, UNIQLO empowers women as well through the power of clothing. The UNIQLO Bratop, in particular, is designed to give women the freedom to move and the support she needs to be all she can be. The line presents six versatile and breathable garments, each one featuring a built-in bra that makes it perfect either as innerwear or outerwear. These are the American Sleeve Cropped Bra Sleeveless Top, AIRism Cotton Boat Neck Bra Camisole, AIRism Active Bra Sleeveless Top, AIRism Bra Camisole, AIRism Cotton Cropped Bra Tube Top, and Seamless Half Bra Camisole.

The UNIQLO Bratop was highlighted at She Talks Asia Summit 2024, as multihyphenate Jasmine Curtis-Smith and UNIQLO Philippines Vice President for Marketing, Georgette Barrera-Jalasco shared the stage in a discussion about breaking barriers.

Curtis-Smith said UNIQLO forms a vital part of her every day, believing that looking good and feeling good helps her deliver her best.

“For example, this UNIQLO American Bra Sleeveless Top that I am wearing today is one of my favorite pieces from UNIQLO. It brings together form and function because of the clean styling and more importantly, the built-in support,” Curtis-Smith said, referring to the flattering piece with built-in bra cups, perfect for a sleek style. “I think that making these small yet intentional choices in our wardrobe is another way for us women to find joy and comfort in the every day—and, in turn, that will inspire us to do our best.”

Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Hannah Bacani teach participants breathing exercises during the Freedom to Breath breakout session

“The challenges of our personal and professional lives can sometimes be so overwhelming, it feels like we’re struggling to come up for air,” Curtis-Smith said in a breakout session. “But if we take a step back, take it one difficulty at a time, and more importantly, put our well-being first through self-care, we can overcome these barriers, break free, and breathe properly.”

Meanwhile, Jalasco shared that in whatever field or pursuit, women need to be role models for others.

True to UNIQLO's LifeWear philosophy, we believe that clothing is designed to make everyone’s life better. It is constantly being innovated and improved, down to the little details. Through LifeWear, we hope to inspire everyone including women to find their own style and confidence to break barriers and stereotypes,” she said.

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