Alliances in the Digital Age: The Success Story of One Good Life and LBC

The e-commerce industry has seen an unprecedented boom in recent years, with global online sales hitting $4.9 trillion in 2021, a number projected to grow by 50% over the next four years, reaching about $7.4 trillion by 2025. 

With all this potential, business-savvy companies are riding the wave of growth and are finding innovative ways to thrive and grow their own enterprises. Companies like One Good Life General Merchandise are making it a point to understand how consumer behaviors and expectations are shifting and are leveraging strategic partnerships to improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The Beginning

Founded almost a decade ago by Rafael Eric Tan, One Good Life began with selling packaging materials and office supplies online. Identifying a demand for high-quality packaging solutions, Tan and his team tapped into the global market to source their products, setting the foundation for a business that would soon grow beyond their expectations. From a modest 15-square-meter office, they have since expanded their operations to cater to a broader market, now shipping around 500 parcels daily to satisfied customers across the nation.

Reflecting on the important role his business partner has played in the journey of One Good Life General Merchandise to success, Tan shares, "Our business's success is as much about the products we sell as it is about the people who stand behind it. Sir Jonathan, my business partner, has been a solid force behind our operations. His tireless work ethic, precise attention to the logistical details, and commitment contributed greatly to where we are today. He's the driving force behind our ability to meet customer demands with efficiency and reliability. In many ways, Jonathan has been One Good Life’s angel, leading us forward and ensuring our growth in this competitive market."

Given the role Jonathan played in One Good Life's journey highlights one key insight: the right people make all the difference. This realization led the company to another critical decision – choosing the right logistical partner to support their growing operations.

Facilitating Growth

The secret to their success? A combination of entrepreneurial vision, a keen understanding of their market's needs, and a strategic partnership with LBC. Rafael Eric Tan highlights the pivotal role LBC played in facilitating their growth, offering services that catered directly to their unique business requirements. From providing extensive nationwide coverage ensuring timely and reliable delivery to implementing a tracking system that offers transparency and peace of mind for both One Good Life and their customers, LBC has been instrumental in their operational efficiency.

"Since LBC is the most well-known brand with the largest delivery coverage nationwide, we studied LBC's services…” Tan began

The decision to partner with them was straightforward. LBC wasn't just the country’s leading logistics provider; they had services that matched One Good Life's needs for reliability and customer-centric services. With LBC's wide coverage, innovative solutions like Cash on Delivery, and a reliable tracking system, the partnership became a strategic move to enhance One Good Life's operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

"LBC's services, they have evolved to include Cash on Delivery and Cash on Pick-up, making transactions less hassle for our buyers and on our side as well. Malaking bagay yung Cash on Delivery and Cash on Pick-up since buyers are more skeptical [with online transactions]. With COD, our customers are at ease that they won't be scammed. That’s very important to us; and other logistics companies don't offer these services or provide the coverage that LBC does," he says.

Moreover, LBC's commitment to providing free, high-quality packaging materials and its careful handling of products have significantly reduced the logistical headaches associated with damaged goods common in their sector. This has allowed One Good Life to maintain its reputation for delivering high-quality products in excellent condition, further solidifying its position in the market.

Continued Growth, Consistent Expansion

Looking ahead, One Good Life plans to deepen its partnership with LBC, exploring new products and tapping into LBC's international shipping services to reach customers beyond the Philippine shores. This goal is supported by their participation in Asenso Hub, LBC's platform offering competitive shipping rates and services, further enabling One Good Life to offer value to their customers while managing costs effectively.

One Good Life, with its roots in the humble beginnings of an online store for packaging materials, has seen remarkable growth, thanks in part to its decision to partner with LBC and having the right people guiding them toward success. This strategic alliance empowers them to streamline their operations and position them as a leading name in their sector, ready to tackle the challenges of the future.

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