A24’s Highest-Grossing Horror Film Yet, 'Talk to Me,' is Now Streaming on Lionsgate Play

Dare to unearth terror? Dive into A24’s highest-grossing horror film “Talk To Me,”
where a game with the supernatural takes a terrifying turn.

What would you do if you could communicate with the other side? This is the premise of Talk to Me, A24’s highest-grossing horror film to date.

Directed by Australian twin filmmakers Danny Philippou and Michael Philippou, Talk to Me has been praised for its innovative storyline and spine-chilling scares. Set in suburban Adelaide, Talk to Me introduces us to a group of friends who stumble upon an addictive and dangerous new game. Using an embalmed hand, they discover they can conjure spirits, and what starts as an exhilarating foray into the supernatural quickly spirals into a terrifying ordeal.

At the center of this chilling narrative is Mia, portrayed by the incredibly talented Sophie Wilde (whose performance in the film got her a Critics' Choice Award, among many other distinctions). A teenager grappling with the suicide of her mother, Mia is both a social outcast and the life of the party, often taking things too far as she tries to cope with her grief.

In an interview with RogertEbert.com, co-director Danny Philippou discussed how the film's most shocking moments add to the story: "It’s important to both of us that our big horror moments are grounded in character and really affect the story. We didn’t want to have shocking imagery for the sake of having it. Each of these scenes has a purpose, we build up to them, and they’re rooted in character. We do love all our shocking little scenes that we chucked in there."

Speaking with GamesRadar.com, star Sophie Wilde talked about what drew her to play Mia: "It felt like a drama to me in a lot of ways... [It’s] really exciting as an actor, to be able to play someone who gets to operate in so many different spaces as people are so multifaceted, and grief is such a multifaceted experience."

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