Binge-watching is fun with vivo Y100

MANILA, PHILIPPINES - Watching movies, reels, and other videos on the mobile screen has become a daily ritual for many.

Whether you are immersing in a thrilling series, catching up on the latest blockbuster hit, or enjoying a live concert of an artist you admire, the quality of the viewing experiences hinges on two critical factors: the display and the speakers.

Crisp audio and a great display are essential for binge-watching. The vivid colors, clarity of images, and sound quality can transform a simple viewing session into an exciting experience.

There are also times when you opt to download videos for offline viewing, especially while traveling or in areas with low to no signal, ensuring you never miss out on your favorite shows no matter where you are.

The vivo Y100 may be the perfect smartphone companion for your endless binge-watching moments, thanks to its display, audio, and storage.

vivo Y100 can make your viewing experience better than ever

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Display: Enjoy smooth and brilliant visuals with vivo Y100's 120Hz Ultra Vision AMOLED Display. Every motion, detail, and color comes alive, delivering a cinematic experience. Whether you're watching movies, binge-watching series, or enjoying live performances, the vivo Y100 presents each frame with stunning clarity and vibrant colors.

Dual Stereo Speaker: Take your binge-watching sessions to the next level with vivo Y100's impressive audio capabilities. The 300% Audio Booster, combined with Dual Stereo Speakers, delivers higher audio quality for an immersive experience. Plus, the Hi-Res certification ensures loud and clear sound for both videos and music. Feel every moment of your favorite shows and movies with exceptional sound quality.

Storage: With 128GB and 256GB of internal storage to choose from, the vivo Y100 offers ample space to save all the videos you want to watch and is even expandable up to 1TB. Download your favorite shows and movies for offline viewing without worrying about running out of space. Whether you are on a long journey or in an area with limited signal, vivo Y100 always has your entertainment ready at hand.

The vivo Y100 is your gateway to an exceptional viewing experience with exceptional display and sound quality wherever you are.

Do not miss the opportunity to enhance your entertainment experience. Grab yours today for as low as Php 12,499 at vivo concept stores and kiosks nationwide, or online on vivo website, Shopee, TikTok, and Lazada.

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