Christian Bautista goes viral with videos of “accidentally” matching his wife’s outfit

Hailed as Asia's Romantic Balladeer, Christian Bautista is not only a musical icon but also a rising star on social media. His latest content is quickly becoming a fan favorite, delighting followers with fun fashion videos where he playfully coordinates outfits with his wife, Kat, and lights up feeds everywhere.

His content has achieved massive success, with his first video amassing 3.3 million views and his second video reaching 7.7 million views across all platforms.

In one video, Christian effortlessly swapped outfits to the tune of ‘Smooth Operator’ by Sade.

“Oops, we did it again 🤭 Always ‘accidentally’ matching 👯‍♂️,” he playfully captioned his post.

Christian’s Instagram post

In the comments, fans couldn't help but gush over the adorable couple, feeling major "sana all" vibes. Even celebrities like Carla Abellana, Kate Valdez, and Erik Santos joined in with their own reactions to the video

Switching up from neutral-colored outfits, Christian embraced a more experimental look by donning a colorful flannel that perfectly complemented Kat’s attire in their latest fashion video. Adding a playful twist, the couple incorporated coffee cups with their initials, C & K, perfectly synchronized to Sabrina Carpenter's 'Espresso.'

“To more matchy fits 🤝”, he captioned his post.

Christian’s Instagram post

Fans are feeling the cuteness overload just like before with the recent video.

Even Janeena Chan and Julie Anne San Jose can't contain their love for Christian and Kat.

Whether it's in neutral or colorful outfits, we’d love to see more of this from Christian! Stay tuned for what Christian has in store next on his social media—there's no doubt he's got more surprises up his sleeve.



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