CIMB unveils nominees for the first-ever Pinoy Mavericks Awards

CIMB introduces 10 individuals with empowering stories of Filipino resilience and purpose

Manila, Philippines – June 7, 2024 – CIMB Bank Philippines, the most awarded digital-only commercial bank in the country, officially unveils the 10 nominees of the inaugural CIMB Pinoy Mavericks Awards. All nominees have compelling stories of triumphs amidst adversity, embodying the spirit of resilience and purpose that CIMB wants to impart in every Filipino while also promoting financial inclusion and social responsibility.

L-R: Cat Triviño (Host) and D’Artagnan Aguilar (CIMB Chief Marketing Officer) with CIMB Pinoy Mavericks Awards 2024 Nominees: Steve Dailisan, Myke Celis, Marlon Fuentes, Phoebe Fructuoso, Jerico Ramota, Jerico Silvers, MK Bertulfo, Jkhriez Pastrana, April Perreras, Erline Maniquis

Through the Pinoy Mavericks Awards, CIMB wishes to honor these exceptional stories of hope that can inspire Filipinos to rise above life’s adversities. The nominees will serve as allies of CIMB in furthering their mission to build a financially inclusive nation to empower Filipinos to pursue their life purpose.

CIMB CEO Vijay Manoharan giving his welcome remarks

“When CIMB entered the Philippine banking industry, we had to go through several challenges in order to introduce an all-digital way of banking and groundbreaking new products and services, when digital banking was an uncommon practice and traditional banking was the norm. This is why stories of overcoming adversity – like those shared by our Pinoy Mavericks Awards nominees – hit close to home for us, and we believe in the importance of giving these stories a platform to inspire even more people to overcome life’s challenges and live their purpose,” said Vijay Manoharan, CEO of CIMB Bank Philippines.

“Further, we believe our mission is to help and serve everyday Filipinos. We truly feel that they have an abundance of potential. We therefore want a movement of ordinary people doing extraordinary things not just for themselves, but also for their own communities, true to our mission of advancing the lives of each and every Filipino,” he said.

The inaugural Pinoy Mavericks Awards has 10 nominees, each with their own unique and inspiring story:

MK Bertulfo - Having lost her mother at an early age due to cancer, MK was forced to stop schooling and start working various multiple jobs to support herself and, eventually, her own family. In 2017, she discovered online freelancing, which inspired her to start Filipina Homebased Moms, a platform to provide resources, training, and support for moms aiming to enter the remote workforce. This purpose-driven movement addresses the financial and personal needs of mothers, empowering women to overcome financial challenges.

Myke Celis - As an award-winning life coach, Myke inspires many with his journey from the depths of adversity to a beacon of hope. He transformed from an abuse survivor into an award-winning life coach and LGBTQIA+ advocate, powerfully reminding us that resilience, determination, and a commitment to authenticity can lead to profound personal transformation and a positive impact on the world.

Steve Dailisan - For 12 years, he covered countless stories as a news reporter. Yet, even as he thrived in his role, his dream of becoming a pilot never waned. Steve worked tirelessly, saving diligently to fulfill his dream. Unfortunately, amidst his journey, Steve faced a heartbreaking personal loss of his father’s passing. Although his father was not there to witness his milestone of becoming a pilot, Steve's achievement stands as a testament to the perseverance, dedication, and resilience that characterized his journey.

Phoebe Fructuoso - Chairwoman of PAVE Philippines, Phoebe is a beacon of hope and resilience. As a gang rape survivor, she has transformed her personal trauma into a powerful force for social change. Determined to educate others on the dangers of gender-based violence and rape culture, she has dedicated her life to advocating for victims and raising awareness about these critical issues.

Marlon Fuentes - For the past 6 years, Marlon Fuentes has been a dedicated ride-hailing app driver, providing exceptional service to his passengers despite living with Tourette Syndrome. Marlon's journey is a powerful testament to resilience, determination, and the ability to thrive in the face of adversity. Many have doubted his capabilities because of his condition, but Marlon has consistently proven that Tourette Syndrome does not define him or his abilities.

Erline Maniquis - Apart from the daily struggles of being deaf, Erline has also been a victim of bullying. But she has never allowed her disability to define her, instead, she embraced her identity as a deaf individual and used her platform to advocate for inclusivity and empowerment. As Deafinitely Beautiful on TikTok, Erline has gained widespread recognition for her engaging and informative videos teaching sign language.

Jkhriez Pastrana - Born with dwarfism, Jkhriez has faced her fair share of challenges and prejudices, but she refuses to let her stature define her. She rose above and became a multi-talented individual whose journey defies stereotypes and inspires others to embrace their uniqueness. Her ambitions extended far beyond the realm of entertainment, and she embarked on a new chapter in her journey—a journey towards becoming a lawyer that would enable her to advocate for justice and equality.

April Perreras - After two years of grueling medical treatments and countless challenges, April emerged from her battle with cancer as a survivor. Inspired by her own experience, April was driven to help others navigate the difficult path to recovery. Thus, Move Beyond Cancer was born—a platform dedicated to spreading awareness, promoting fitness, and empowering cancer warriors to reclaim their strength and mobility, a testament to April's unwavering commitment to helping others find strength, hope, and healing in the face of adversity.

Jerico Ramota - In March 2020, during the height of the pandemic, Jerico recognized the urgent need for support within his barangay. Despite facing financial challenges of his own, he refused to turn a blind eye to the suffering of his community. Instead, he took decisive action, mobilizing resources, and rallying volunteers to launch Rolling Bayanihan–a moving pantry which became a lifeline for many families struggling to make ends meet, providing essential food supplies and support during one of the most challenging periods in recent history.

Jerico Silvers - Initially rejected by a writer's club in his early days of writing, Jerico turned to the online space to share his work. His talent was soon discovered by a publishing house, which led to the publication of his first book. However, the publishing house eventually closed down, presenting another hurdle. Undeterred, Jerico faced financial adversity head-on by borrowing money and quitting his job to start his own publishing house. Through his perseverance and determination, he not only achieved his dreams but also extended a hand to aspiring authors, empowering them to share their stories with the world.

There will be three winners that will each be awarded PHP 200,000, with half of their prize to be donated to their selected beneficiaries. Runners-up will also receive PHP 50,000. Through the Pinoy Mavericks Awards, each nominee not only receives recognition for their achievement, but also serves as a catalyst for positive change, providing support to their chosen organizations, and embodying the essence of purpose-driven life.

“The Pinoy Mavericks Awards stands as a testament of CIMB's dedication to promote financial inclusion in the country by empowering Filipinos to live their purpose. Aligned with our #LiveYourPurposeWithCIMB movement, this initiative reaffirms our dedication to fostering a community where every individual is inspired and empowered to pursue their life's purpose. As the most awarded digital-only commercial bank in the Philippines, we are also committed to supporting Filipinos in their journey towards fulfilling their dreams and aspirations,” said D’Artagnan Aguilar, Chief Marketing Officer of CIMB Bank Philippines.

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