Immortal Kingdoms Unveils First Major Update Featuring the Dancer Class

PlayPark is excited to announce the latest update for the popular MMORPG, Immortal Kingdoms. This highly anticipated update introduces the brand-new Dancer class, bringing a fresh dynamic to the game and offering players an exciting new way to experience the world of Immortal Kingdoms.

The Dancer is a versatile class, with a mix of damage and survivability skills plus a core mechanic that weaves resource management into her rotation. This mechanic called Seal Marks can stack, and is earned through normal attacks or through skill usage.

True to her name, the Dancer has several moves that will bring an air of grace to the battlefield.

Dance of Reincarnation: Slow target, deal damage, and gain one Seal Mark

Deadly Wheel Blade: Deal damage and gain one Seal Mark

Phantom Dance: Briefly gain invincibility and one Seal Mark

Azure Flame Chaos: Stun target for 2 seconds, deal damage, and gain one Seal Mark

Heavenly Dance: Release all stacked Seal Marks with 20% extra damage and lower skill cooldowns

Crimson Lotus Dance: Gain damage reduction and increased cooldown reduction

The Dancer is a deadly addition to the roster of classes players can choose in Immortal Kingdoms. She could be built as a high damage burst class or have a more sustained damage output loadout. Whichever path you choose, don’t get mesmerized by her alluring moves or else her slashing bladed chakram weapon will be the last thing you’ll see.

Prepare to step into the rhythm of battle with the Dancer class in Immortal Kingdoms. This update will be available for download starting today and to celebrate the launch of the new class, there will be online giveaways for in-game item codes on the official Immortal Kingdoms FB page.

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