In Photos - 2 Philippine Eagle released in the wilderness of Buraeun, Leyte by the DENR and Philippine Eagle Foundation

"We shall return!"

My photo docu of the 1st eagle reintroduction program by the DENR and Philippine Eagle Foundation in releasing 2 Philippine Eagles in Burauen, Leyte. Go fly high Carlito and Uswag!! the King of the birds and Lord of the forest are back in Leyte!

shot on Fujifilm X-T200 with XF 16-80mm F4 lens

We visited Tacloban City, Leyte with the DENR team to witness and observe the release of two Philippine Eagles named Carlito (female) and Uswag (male) in the Leyte wildlife sanctuary located in the protected area of Burauen, Leyte. This is part of the Philippine Eagle Reintroduction Program, the country's first-ever eagle reintroduction program. The initiative aims to provide the Philippine Eagle with an opportunity to thrive in the wild after some eagles perished during Super Typhoon Yolanda in 2013.

Let's give Carlito and Uswag a big cheer and hope that the Philippine Eagle population returns to a normal level. Furthermore, let's acknowledge the importance of these majestic birds as the kings of the bird and lords of the forest in the natural ecosystem. It is crucial to prohibit the capture, killing, or poaching of these eagles as they peacefully coexist with humans.

A big salute to DENR, PAF, and their foundation partners for making this remarkable conservation effort possible.

about the event

All photos are shot by me - Azrael Coladilla 

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