In photos: Take a look inside the Scania new sleeper bus of GV Florida, byaheng Manila to Aparri

Today Scania turned over 4 units of sleeper bus configuration to GV Florida, the sleeper bus bound from Manila to Aparri and the rest are a combination of deluxe and super deluxe bus, so thats a total of new 23 units of Scania K360 Coach Bus launched this 2024.

The new sleeper bus configuration by Scania are now ready for a land trip operated by GV Florida, this is a new partnership of two companies that will introduce a new comfy way of land travel via a sleeper bus. 

Inside th sleeper bus, the passenger can enjoy a comfy ride inside a bed style cubicle with pillow, blanket, headset, Android TV and a curtain for a semi-private sleeping inside your own cubicle or cabin. Passengers can choose to get the top sleeper passenger ot the bottom passenger cabi. There's also a CR, a bus attendant and bottled water for all passengers.

Here are some photos and preview inside the sleeper bus

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