LOOK: Netizens reacted to Thai superstar Becky's photo with the vivo Y100

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Knowing your angle is indeed an art form - a skill that Thai actress Rebecca Patricia “Becky” Armstrong has perfected over the years.

The multi-faceted superstar recently shared a couple of cute snaps on Instagram, posing with the vivo Y100, letting both the smartphone and her true beauty shine through!

Netizens gushed over Becky as she exuded cool-girl energy, striking minimum-effort yet high-impact poses while powering up her outfit with the Y100 in Breeze Green colorway.

[Embed Becky’s IG Carousel, in partnership with vivo Philippines: https://www.instagram.com/p/C8zBJqgJ5qc/?img_index=1]

If it’s good enough for Becky, it sure is good enough for all the Pinoy Becky Angels.

Now, it’s time to hit the upgrade button with the vivo Y100. Scroll ahead to find out what makes this a powerhouse smartphone and a fashion accessory, rolled into one!

A Total Color-Changer
Fusing the worlds of advanced technology and design, vivo Y100’s photochromic feature transforms its color under UV light in just three seconds - without extra power consumption, of course!

As soon as one takes this smartphone out at high noon to nail a quick selfie, it reveals a radiant emerald green hue, enhancing the visibility of its pattern-filled finish inspired by the waves of dancing grass.

This smartphone’s unique design is definitely crafted to impress all fashion-forward females, like Becky.

Power Up the Fun
Always on a quest to discover new adventures? A big plus with the vivo Y100 is its 5000mAh battery with 80W fast charge, ensuring users a long lifeline to power through their everyday activities!

With this supreme feature, one can charge the vivo Y100 swiftly and seamlessly, without the unnecessary heat.

Want to know what the hype is all about this smartphone? Join the frenzy and head over to Becky’s Instagram now for an opportunity to win a unit of the vivo Y100.

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