Students from Ilocos and Cebu crowned national champions of the prestigious AYDA Awards 2023/2024

The AYDA Awards 2023/2024, brought to life by Nippon Paint, witnessed a remarkable showcase of talents nationwide. Bnn Anjelo Tadeja, an Architecture student from University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City, Ilocos Sur and Maureen Abegail Mendoza, an Interior Design student from University of San Carlos, Cebu City emerged as the National Winners for their outstanding design projects, “BILAG: From Scattered to Gathered Space for Sunbathed Grains” and “KITA-KITA: A Resilient Community Center” under the categories of Architectural and Interior Design.

The winners captivated judges and audiences alike with their thoughtful approach to design, which seamlessly merged innovation with social consciousness. Their winning submission not only demonstrated creativity but also offered innovative solutions addressing real-life issues. Aligned with the theme - CONVERGE: Championing Purposeful Designs, the National Winners displayed passion in their designs with integrated solutions that are impactful to the society while advancing the field of design.

The exciting journey for Bnn Anjelo and Maureen Abegail will continue at the AYDA Awards international finale in Chennai, India, from 3-5th of July. As the National Winners, they will proudly represent Philippines at the global stage, competing against the other national winners from across the world (Refer to Appendix I for more details). The ultimate winners will be awarded the prestigious title of 'Designers of the Year' and will have the opportunity to participate in the June 2025 cohort of the Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design's Design Discovery Program, a three-week fully funded opportunity of up to USD10,000. The AYDA Awards also honours outstanding achievements in various categories such as the Best Mentor Award, the Nippon Paint Colour Award, the Best Sustainable Design Award, and the Best Design Impact Award.

The AYDA Awards 2023/2024 attracted an impressive array of entries, totalling over 6,000 submissions from top tertiary education institutions globally. This session will feature esteemed judges from reputable architectural and interior design firms (Refer to Appendix II for more details). Chen Lee Siong, general manager, Nippon Paint (Coatings) Philippines, Inc., expressed delight in the exceptional talent showcased at the national level award, stating, "It has brought us so much joy to see these young designers thrive. It is truly inspiring to witness how all participants produced designs that contributed positively to their community. I am optimistic that our local designers will continue to embrace and contribute towards this transformative direction."

Cultivating Socially Conscious Design Leaders
The AYDA Awards acknowledges the significance of socially conscious design choices, placing emphasis on the societal and environmental consequences of design decisions. With a worldwide footprint extending to over 20 countries and regions, it aims to empower designers to enact change through their designs. The AYDA Awards is dedicated to cultivating creativity and interpersonal skills through its group and one-on-one coaching, mentoring the finalists all the way to the finale. The award is more than just a contest; it's a cornerstone of Nippon Paint's corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative, under the Education pillar, where Nippon Paint vows to provide access to education through a collaborative learning platform and art & colour educational programmes. Participation is entirely free, ensuring that financial barriers never hinder aspiring designers from realising their full potential and giving back to their communities.

Reflecting on his journey, Bnn Anjelo Tadeja, shared, “AYDA taught me not only to design for the present but also to envision designs for the next ten years. More than just a competition, AYDA is a platform that not only looks into the aesthetics and technical aspects of architecture but also promotes advocacy to address community issues. Competing at this level has been thrilling and inspiring. I applaud Nippon Paint for giving students like me a chance to make a significant impact with our creations and showcase our talents and advocacy on a global stage. This is a moment I will cherish forever.”

Maureen Abegail Mendoza, added, “My experience as the Philippine representative to the AYDA Awards 2023 for Interior Design has been incredibly rewarding. AYDA taught me valuable lessons and experiences that I can apply both personally and within my community. It’s not just about talents, skills, or creativity. It's about the impact you make on your community and designing for a better world. We are excited to represent the Philippines at the global competition and showcase our vision to the world.

The AYDA Awards, initiated in 2008 by Nippon Paint, has evolved into one of the architecture and interior design industry’s premier awards, receiving over 59,000 entries from 1,200 tertiary education institutions across 20 countries and regions. Concurrently, the event will be held alongside Nippon Paint’s Creative Colour Awards 2023/2024, which serves to recognise the significance of colour in architecture and interior design. To watch the international finale of the AYDA and CCA Awards, tune in to the links below:

[4 July] - Architectural Category Presentation & Judging

[4 July] – Interior Design Category Presentation & Judging

[5 July] – 2023/2024 International Finale Award Ceremony

Past AYDA Awards sessions are also available on AYDA’s YouTube channel.

For more information on the AYDA and CCA Awards, visit & or their social pages: AYDA’s Instagram Page, LinkedIn Page & CCA’s Instagram Page , LinkedIn Page.

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