After release and acquittal, Celebrity DJ Karen Bordador shares harrowing 5-year in jail and new beginnings on 1st YouTube Vlog

Celebrity radio DJ, model, TV, and events host Karen Bordador has been acquitted for a case of conspiracy to sell illegal drugs filed against her in 2016. After being detained for nearly five (5) years, she now advocates support for Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDLs) both during and after their incarceration. She will also share her personal experience inside prison online.

Karen proved her innocence through the strong evidence of CCTV footage and key eyewitnesses. She fought a long, hard battle to regain her freedom; the pandemic affected her hearing schedules and delayed her trial. She was acquitted then released with the verdict of “not guilty” on June 15, 2021.

According to her lawyer, Atty. Aaron Tolentino, “The paramount part of Karen’s life after her detention – just short of 5 years in jail – is that she walks as a free person now, reunited with her family who suffered a lot because of these false accusations. Finally, Karen can prove to the world that despite the misery she went through, she is an innocent person who can walk upright. She has also forgiven the people who condemned her, although they do not know the whole truth. It is a privilege knowing this very persistent and resilient lady.”

Karen had a flourishing business and career, both founded upon a clean image, at the time of the incident. In fact, she had multiple endorsements, TV guestings, influencer projects, and movie offers lined up aside from her stable radio show. Likewise, her online business received several awards that year for innovations within the online retail industry. In retrospect, she tested negative on the drug test. She was simply caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

More details will be revealed in her Vlog!

Karen has gone through a traumatic experience, being implicated in a case that persecuted and embarrassed her publicly. She was misjudged and overly criticized for a false accusation, more so having to languish in prison as she lost everything she worked hard for. She lived a very deprived life in jail, where she couldn’t have any of the things that many of us consider normal. Her family suffered along with her in her years behind bars. “Being imprisoned for many years, I have fully experienced the life of the disadvantaged. I decided to act as a spokesperson while behind bars for those who couldn’t speak for themselves. I did my best to communicate to the jail officers the needs of fellow PDLs, as well as how to improve the rehabilitation programs and facilities. I tried my best to contribute my talents and skills to make my time inside productive and meaningful. I never lost hope and remained a dreamer throughout my detention,” says Karen.

She is excited for the many opportunities opening up for her in the entertainment industry now that she’s back. She has recently debuted her blog which reveals all her thoughtful insights. Her

1st Vlog, now on YouTube, details her first steps from Pasig City Jail into the free world.

Karen aims to give awareness to the hardships encountered by PDLs in jail, and suggestions to support their re-entry into the community. “My experience has exposed me to many PDLs who have been victimized, wronged, or neglected,” she shares. “I am pushing to improve their condition with faster case resolutions, more access to resources, and holistic education.”

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