Powering up your kid’s IQ and EQ advantage takes centerstage in Enfagrow A+ Four NuraPro launch

Parenting at any stage has never been easy and is especially challenging in these times, as the pandemic upended family life across the globe. Moms and dads have to ensure that their children continue their learning and development, despite being isolated from their friends and peers, while keeping them protected from any illnesses.

Supporting parents as they set out to raise healthy, smart kids with a heart, formula milk brand Enfagrow A+ Four created a collaborative space as they launched their new and improved formulation, the Enfagrow A+ Four NuraPro.

Aiming to address the challenges of parents when it comes to providing their kids with proper nourishment, Enfagrow A+ Four staged the virtual event “Power Up the IQ and EQ Advantage”. This gathered celebrity parents, industry experts, media personalities and trade partners for an afternoon of fun games and knowledge-sharing activities.

Giving the guests the most personal experience, Enfagrow A+ set up the ‘NuraPro Hub’ — an online space where participants made friendly exchanges via a networking lounge, photo booth and mosaic wall, and a virtual playground.

The “Power Up the IQ and EQ Advantage” event also featured a visual storytelling activity that shed light on the ways parents can easily connect with kids. Through this, they were equipped with knowledge on how to understand their children better and engage with them through fun and mentally stimulating ways.

Toward the end of the event, guests wrote pledges of commitment in helping raise healthy, smart kids with a heart. Together with their nurturing, Enfagrow A+ Four NuraPro will be their ally as they champion their child’s holistic development to shape a better and kinder world.

“Every child is born with a unique potential for greatness. We’re driven by our commitment to discover new ways to design and develop high-quality products that can help nourish a child's holistic development, so they can get a headstart in life,” said Aleli Arcilla, president and general manager of Reckitt Philippines.

“Our children need to have the best nutrition that will help power up their IQ and EQ and have the ability to cope with their ever-changing environment, especially in these challenging times,” said Matthew Davis, marketing director of Reckitt Philippines.

Enfagrow A+ Four’s new and improved variant is scientifically-formulated to include vitamins and minerals to support a child’s mental, physical, and emotional development. It is the first and only formula milk that contains the powerful combination of MFGM Pro and superior level of DHA to help power up a child’s IQ and EG development and HMO to help strengthen immunity.

With all these breakthrough ingredients plus proper nutrition and stimulation, the new formulation in the Enfagrow A+ Four NuraPro can help establish a strong foundation for healthy, smart kids with a heart—supporting their cognitive intelligence, emotional health, and strong immunity.

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