Loving local even more with MR D.I.Y.'s Big Discount!

Waiting for the 9.9 big sale? With MR.D.I.Y.’s Proudly Made in the Philippines promo you don’t have to wait! It’s a month-long discount scheme with up to 20% price off on selected home improvement and essential goods that every member of the family will surely love. So, plan your visit to any of the 174 stores nationwide to grab the items you need.

Proudly Made in the Philippines promo highlights local brands and its products in various categories namely essential goods, household, furnishing, car accessories, pet accessories, and many more. Understanding the need to manage our budget properly during these difficult times, MR.D.I.Y. offers budget-friendly deals making low-priced products even lower have been just awesome! Consider this as the early Christmas treat from one of the leading home and life improvement retailers in Southeast Asia – MR.D.I.Y.

Can’t wait to see all the great deals? Head to MR.D.I.Y.’s official website at www.mrdiy.com/ph or its official Facebook page @mrdiyPH and check out the featured items to ensure that your upcoming visit will be fast, safe, and efficient. See you at your favorite MR.D.I.Y. store nationwide. Happy shopping!

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