Kūsho makes waves in the local PH NFT scene

Kūsho, the up and coming animé-inspired Filipino Non-Fungible Token (NFT) project, is set to launch this March 18 as a platform for Filipino artists’ and Metaverse enthusiasts to share their passions and vitalize the arts and crypto. Kusho aims to make great waves in promoting Filipino artistry and enriching the local community about the boundless potential of NFTs.

Kūsho was founded by Yuann Acosta, Sachie Santiago, and Dexter Magaro, being unified by the same vision of providing a way to fairly compensate Filipino artists and bring NFTs to the local space. They believe that in the grand scheme of things, Filipino artists’ efforts and expressions are undervalued. With NFTs, they believe that creators and consumers will garner high satisfaction from their transactions. The creators of Kūsho are also firm on bringing NFT education to the local community; Kusho offers podcasts, webinars, and community discussions to give the community a headstart on their arts and Metaverse journey.

Ownership of a Kūsho NFT provides a high-quality unique digital asset created by their diverse artists, access to the Minka app, utilities sustained by the core team and collaborators, and being part of the ever-growing Kusho community that has currently 6,700 people.

The Kusho team has highlighted how community-centric the project is- they build every step according to their visions and values to manifest success for the arts and for the people. This intent has given Kusho its organic growth, as proven by the one thousand people who have joined the community within a two-week span. This further motivates the team to build and plan a future that goes beyond what NFTs can offer.

A great part of the project to look forward to is the launch of Kūsho Verse: Army of Artists- this is the selection of artists within the community who will be behind Kūsho’s next collections. Kūsho is also open to collaborators who share the same vision. To see what else Kūsho has in store, more details and announcements can be seen on their website and social media platforms.

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