Fujifilm Philippines initiated a mission medical in Majayjay, Laguna in cooperation with the LGU and Majayjay Mayor Romeo "Romy" Amorado.

They invited doctors and medical professionals from Manila to join in a one day medical mission, thats free consultation with doctors, free medicine and also free X-ray session using Fujifilm's portable X-ray machine, one of the medical tech products featured by Fujifilm Philippines.

During this medical mission, Fujifilm Philippines also coordinated with the Banahaw Artists Association for a one day photography and camera training workshop with its members. (pics in the next blog post)

Since Im a Fujifilm camera user, its best to cover this event using my Fujifilm X-T200 camera and also this Moza Aircross S gimbal for small mirrorless camera.

I just remembered that the last time I was here in Majayjay, Laguna was in 2012. Wow! Sobra tagal na.
Its great to be back and this time, I got a chance to tour around the town.

The medical mission by Fujifilm Philippined was well attended by the town people of Majayjay. I heard that the patients was around 300-500 on that day.

I got the estimate when I heard that the X-ray session was around 300 patients.

I also learned that the volunteered medical professionals are from QC.
They do this regularly and Im glad that they are game to help in giving free consultation and check up for the town people of Majayjay.

I noticed that the majority of the patients are all elders.

Through Salagado PR, they brought together this awesome project of Fujifilm Philippines and the LGU of Majayjay

On pic is Majayjay Mayor Romeo "Romy" Amorado.and Fujifilm Philippines President Masahiro Uehara.

Majayjay Mayor and Fujifilm Philippines President shaking their hands, this new collab is a big help for the town and also it may inspire to others to help

This shirt gave me the idea that there’s a team in Fujifilm who are in charge of CSR projects. Its my first time to hear Fujifilm PH in doing a medical mission and this gave me a good awareness that – Fujifilm is not just a camera brand, but also they produce the best high tech medical equipment that is being used by top medical institutions all over the world.

A doctor at the medical mission giving free consultation and check up in Majayjay, Laguna

Free medicine for those who need it.

Long line, but the consultation is very worth it.

This cute kid smiled at my camera.
I joked and told her that her dog is having a check up too.

FDR Nano -an X-ray portable machine brought by Fujifilm Philippines here in Majayjay, Laguna
Its one of the best medical tech that they offer, I heard that The Medical City and St Luke's Hospital got this, I’ve been hearing about it since the start of the pandemic years.

Its a portable, movable and compact Xray machine, according to a medical person who operates the machine said to me that the Xray radiation of thiis machine is so low and not harmful to people who stand next to it.

One patient on an Xray session with the FDR Nano

Im surprised that the Xray result came in after one take, and there’s no need for an Xray film to print this
You can see the result of the Xray after some seconds

The medical person will send this to a doctor nearby to scan and read all the Xray details.

And here they are at the next room, viewing and reading if there’s a problem on a person’s lungs.
The tech is awesome!!!

Because of its compact body, they can bring the FDR Nano anywhere in the country.

And after the coverage, me and my media friends got a chance to visit a carinderia who sells PHP15 of pancit habhab

Grabe sobra mura! Ahhah

Naka 2 plates ako that afternoon.

Salamat Fujifilm PH for having to cover the event.

See you sa next medical mission!

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