I was on my way to an event in Tagaytay last January 2023. Lots of media will be there because of a tech event launch and while I was on my way, I got a message from Millie and she said that we will meet before the start of the event here in Hello Cafe in Tagaytay.

I did some Google map search and I saw that the cafe is located across the highway in front of the jeep terminal of Tagaytay.

But Millie said that I asked the bus to drop me off in Landbak Tagaytay.

Which..I did

I told the bus conductor that I won't be dropping off in Olivares, but they drop me off instead in Landbank Tagaytay.

Millie and her daughter Jersey met me up along the highway and it was just a walking distance going to Hello Cafe.

Wow! It's a minimalist style cafe, I’ve been hearing about this cafe on social media and it looks very promising.

Millie introduced me to Hello Cafe and I asked her why the spelling is a big different, it is written as Helo Cafe and not Hello Cafe.

She explained something that its foreign word or a normal way to read “Hello”

Anyway, I forgot what it means but I will ask her again when we meet in Hello Cafe this coming March 

For a food and drink review of the cafe.

I went viewing their bread and cakes display and I noticed their banana cake is very different. I asked what was that thing in the middle of the banana cake, the barista told me that it is a cream cheese.

At first I thought it was an egg.

So I ordered that and then I got myself a yummy hot Spanish Latte drink!

And here’s the total of my bill

Thanks for the treat!!!

And here’s my first taste of Hello Cafe, I like their Spanish Latte drink, its a very uncommon drink for me, and its good. I like the aromatic flavor of that cinnamon and lots of milk with a kick of espresso.

But the best here is that banana bread. Oh wow! I'm excited to try it again.

According to the barista, that is their best seller food item in the cafe.

Thanks to Mike and Millie of and

Also I met some fellow content creators - they are actors for a Valentines Day video ad for Hello Cafe
Nice to meet you - Eunice Anabong and Jul Martinez -

And for the video ad director and film maker - Ely Dagli Films

Nice to meet again Jersey!!

Ok Im so excited to go back here in Hello Cafe Tagaytay, Mejo bitin yun stay ko dito but I super miss agad yun mga food and drinks nila.

So see you on March

Visit Hello Cafe Tagaytay

Address: Lot 2F-8, Polivel subdivision Maitim Second East Tagaytay City, Philippines

Google Maps -

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