Hello Cafe in Tagaytay Launches Events and Courses Perfect for Aspiring Baristas and Coffee Enthusiasts

Coffee has become more than just a beverage; it has become a lifestyle, a culture, and a passion. As coffee enthusiasts, we know how important it is to appreciate and understand the complexities of our favorite drink. That's why Hello Cafe, a local coffee shop in Tagaytay, is proud to announce its lineup of coffee appreciation events and classes this March and April.

"We are excited to share our knowledge and passion for coffee with everyone," says Lesley Ann Padilla, one of the owners of Hello Cafe. "We believe that coffee is not just a drink, but a way of life. By attending our events and classes, you will enjoy delicious coffee and learn more about the history, culture, and science behind it," she added.

The upcoming events include coffee appreciation or cupping 101 classes, latte and brewing competitions, and weekend movie nights. The cupping 101 courses will cover different coffee origins, roasting techniques, and brewing methods. To sign up for the class, message Hello Cafe's Instagram or Facebook accounts for more information.

Hello Cafe will host a latte and brewing competition for those who love friendly competition on May 20.

"We want to see the creativity and skills of our customers, especially coffee enthusiasts," says Jerome Ortiz, one of the owners of Hello Cafe. "The competition will be fun to showcase your brewing and latte art skills and maybe even learn from others."

The brewing and latte art competitions will be graced by known coffee masters in the industry, and supported by media partners, as well. The said event will be headed by the master barista himself, Arvy Uy. He is an experienced and talented Master Barista who has been in the coffee industry for over a decade. He has worked with various known coffee shops and roasteries, honing his skills and knowledge in the craft of coffee-making. He is known for his expertise in latte art, pour-over brewing, and espresso-based drinks. He has also competed in several local and international barista competitions, showcasing his skills and passion for coffee. As the Master Barista of Hello Cafe, Arvy shares his knowledge and expertise with customers and aspiring baristas, helping them understand the intricacies of coffee-making and how to create the perfect cup of coffee.

Dexter Soguilon, another owner of Hello Cafe, adds, "As an educator, I believe that educating or spreading awareness is the key to understanding and appreciating coffee. Most of us love coffee, but only a few know its origin. That's why we decided to curate courses for aspiring baristas or those who love coffee. We want to share our knowledge of coffee, help people appreciate it even more, and ultimately, bridge the gap between those who don’t have access to these things."

In fact, yesterday, March 15, Hello Cafe launched its coffee appreciation event with Macoy Dubs, an esteemed and well-loved content creator, and other media partners. The coffee appreciation was headed by Arvy Uy and Matthew Carpio. Both are known in the coffee industry and organizations like Coffee Pro and Philippine Coffee Guild.

The event was a success; customers were delighted to learn more about coffee while having fun with Macoy Dubs.

"We want to make learning about coffee fun and accessible for everyone," says Aaron Paul Charvet. "At Hello Cafe, we take pride in serving only the best quality coffee and want to share our passion with our customers."


What's better than a movie night with a cup of coffee?

Hello Cafe will host weekend movie nights, screening some of the best upcoming movies moving forward.

"We want to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere where our customers enjoy good coffee and company. We live by our tagline, “distinctively different.” We want our customers to have the best coffee experience every time they go to Tagaytay, says Irish Kleine Ortiz, one of the owners of Hello Cafe.

Hello Cafe is home to experienced baristas led and owned by Aaron Paul Charvet, Lesley Ann Padilla, Krichelle Marie Soguilon, Dexter Soguilon, Jerome Ortiz, and Irish Kleine Ortiz. They are committed to providing the best coffee experience to their customers and fostering a community of coffee enthusiasts.

For more information, follow Hello Cafe's Instagram or Facebook accounts or visit their website.


About Hello Cafe

Hello Cafe is a premium and coffee shop built by eight young entrepreneurs. True to its core competency of “Handcrafted speciality drinks,” Hello Cafe is committed to providing a community and place in Tagaytay for coffee seekers, enthusiasts, and creative entrepreneurs. Hello Cafe understands the needs of individuals from vast industries by providing them a place to indulge in a great cup of coffee featuring staple coffee flavors, non-coffee based, and exclusively curated drinks of Hello Cafe. For more information and to keep up to date, visit our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/hellocafe.ph) and Instagram account: @hello.cafeph.

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