Disruption of GOMO SIM registration traced to autoclickers

On Thursday, April 20, GOMO subscribers experienced difficulties in completing their SIM registration on the GOMO app. We traced this problem to some subscribers' use of auto-clickers, which compromise and spam the SIM registration form on the app. 

GOMO has taken action against customers linked to the use of these autoclickers, which are meant to automate taps on a certain part of the phone screen. 

GOMO warns against the use of autoclickers, which disrupt certain functionalities in other apps. We strongly discourage our subscribers from downloading these harmful autoclickers for their own safety and protection. 

We are working towards resolving problems caused by these autoclickers to ensure that our customers will be able to complete their SIM registration on the app. 

To learn more about SIM registration on the new GOMO PH app, visit https://bit.ly/GOMOFAQs.

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