Register your SIM and Get the Pawer to earn TM Doble Rewards exclusive on the GlobeOne App

With the deadline for SIM registration just around the corner, mobile network TM calls on its subscribers to register their SIM via the GlobeOne app before April 26, 2023, and get TM Doble Rewards for promos availed via the GlobeOne app!

Beyond keeping Ka-TMs connected through sulit calls, texts, and data coverage, TM aims to have a safer digital space for its subscribers. That is why it has made SIM registration easier and faster for its customers in just a few quick taps on their phones via while earning double rewards points.

"TM ensures that the registration process for all our customers is done efficiently, conveniently, and securely for an uninterrupted mobile experience and to avoid SIM deactivation," said Beatriz Lacson-Limon, TM Brand Head. "And to add more good vibes, they can earn double rewards points exclusively via the GlobeOne App by simply registering to GlobeOne-exclusive promos." Lacson-Limon added.

TM is empowering its customers through the GlobeOne App with the pawer to earn double rewards points, which they can use for shopping, food, health vouchers, and other daily needs, making their TM load a totally sulit pawer move

They can use these points as cash to pay in ECPay accredited sari-sari stores nationwide, exchange their rewards for vouchers, or use it to register for promos.

Ka-TMs can enjoy the following deals when they register their SIM and subscribe to the following TM Tambayan Xclusive Offers with Doble Rewards by loading via the GlobeOne App until April 26, 2023 :

  • 3 rewards points for All-Net Doble Surf 70 (1GB pang-internet, 300MB/Day FunALIW freebie, Unli all-net calls & texts, P70 valid for 7 days) 

  • 4 rewards points for Easy Surf All Net 90  (2GB  Internet, 7GB app freebies (1GB/day), Unli all-net calls & texts for P90 valid for 7 days)

  • 2 rewards points for EasySURF50 Doble Freebie (2GB internet, 6GB app freebies (2GB/day) Unli All-Net Texts for P50 valid for 3 days) 

  • 6 rewards points for Unli FunALIW 149 (Unli access sa FunALIW apps and 2GB pang-internet for P149 valid for 7 days)

"We understand the power of getting the most value for our purchases, especially during this time where cost of commodities continue to rise and making ends meet continue to challenge our Ka-TMs everyday. That's why through GlobeOne App, we have TM Tambayan Xclusive offers with double rewards that they can use as the right diskarte to enjoy tuluy-tuloy na good vibes," said Beatriz Lacson-Limon, TM Brand Head.

The double rewards points will be received within 7 days upon registering on load promos and points are valid for 30 days after each successful registration. To learn more about this promo, download the GlobeOne App or visit TM Tambayan on all social media pages, because we got the pawer to have dobleng fun and rewards with TM!

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