Teleperformance celebrates International Women’s Day through TP Women Summit

TP Women share inspiring stories: Operations Vice President Joy Raymundo, Offshore HR Director Dia Ayate, Business Development Manager Deng Lopez, and Desktop Engineers Supervisor Alex Deocariza pose with Teleperformance Philippines Chief Executive Officer Francisco Lara and Chief People Officer and Chief of Staff Jeffrey Johnson

In celebration of International Women's Day, Teleperformance Philippines, the first and only five-time Great Place to Work® certified company in the country, through its TP Women initiative, came back to meeting face-to-face for the TP Women Summit 2023. With this year's theme #EmbraceEquity, the momentous event held on March 8 involved leaders, advocates, champions, and allies to enthusiastically accept, adopt, and espouse equity in all its forms.

The TP Women Summit gathered TP Women leaders from different lines-of-business and support units for a day of inspiration, learning, and catching up after nearly three years of lockdown. The event not only aimed to raise awareness on equity in the workplace, but also to celebrate the valuable contributions of women at Teleperformance.

"I encourage us to speak for ourselves. Let us be so good that we cannot be ignored—that's what we need to be—and so beyond that, we need to reach out to women in the outskirts; help them, educate them, drive them, drive more opportunities for everyone to level the playing field," Teleperformance Executive Vice President for Client Operations and TP Women Philippines Executive Sponsor Tanya Famador-Japitana shared during her solidarity message.

To reinforce the message of #EmbraceEquity, women from different divisions of the Teleperformance organziation gave testimonials on how an inclusive and equitable workplace enabled them to thrive. Deng Lopez, Dia Atayde, Alex Diocariza, and Evelyn Caballero shared their experiences being a woman in the IT-BPM industry. Each discussing how the workplace policies and initiatives at TP helped them to be successful both in their career paths and personal growth, their stories aim to start conversations on the challenges women face in the workplace, as well as to drive positive impact and strengthen gender awareness, equality, and empowerment.

"We have run a phenomenal journey. I love where we are and it's a step. Hearing people talking about the impact that this job has in their families, in their lives – those are the things that you take away, because life is about leaving a footprint, and teaching, and showing, and living the journey to the fullest. So take the opportunity, embrace it and let's keep on doing that Number One Mentality that's about one step at a time, a little bit better," shared Francisco Lara, Teleperformance Philippines Chief Executive Officer.

The event also aimed to articulate the difference between equality and equity and present equity-based applications to women's advancement at Teleperformance including the TP Cloud Campus solution for mainstreaming flexible work among employees, the #IamRemarkable campaign that focuses on self-promotion skills, the LUNAS Helpline that addresses Gender Based Violence, and the upcoming Program for Solo Parents that includes mentoring, sponsorship, and professional development activities.

"You think about our Teleperformance journey and you have to be really inspired by the ladies that have been part of the journey with us. It's all about line leaders, caring for their teams, regardless of their gender. But we have to understand that there are needs that we should take care of. I'm so proud that we have line leaders that are living up to that expectation," Jeffrey Johnson, Chief People Officer & Chief of Staff at Teleperformance Philippines, mentioned.

The TP Women Summit was also executed to represent TP Women's advocacies and activities, and invite active participation of women and allies, not just in the TP workplace, but also in their communities.

Rachel Cacabelos, Vice President for Human Resources and Communications & Marketing and TP Women Board Member, added, "We're here to celebrate five years of TP Women. This is part of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion advocacy that Teleperformance has put forward, and Women's Strand is one of them. So this is our continuous journey to make sure that there's equity within gender."

This year's TP Women's Summit was also streamed live on the Teleperformance Philippines Facebook Page and Youtube Channel. Watch parties were held in all 23 Teleperformance business sites which let all employees participate and be part of the event.

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