SleepMD launches campaign to give moms more time to sleep on Mother’s Day

Sleep deprivation has been a common problem among Generation O, known as the overworked, overstressed, and overwhelmed. In fact, a survey showed that Filipinos ranked fourth among the most sleepless people in the world. 

Meanwhile, a specific group of people is experiencing the same struggle, a group who by nature can be considered more sleep-deprived than anyone else—mothers. Sleep deprivation among moms is an open truth that has always been there and has long been accepted as something normal. 

SleepMD, a food supplement brand that helps improve the quality of sleep, wants to turn the tide by launching an advocacy campaign for moms on Mother's Day. In partnership with creative shop Redbin Philippines, moms were given extra hours of sleep on their special day. 

How? By tackling the one thing that every family member doesn't want to do: house chores. No matter how trivial they are, house chores still contribute to moms' stress levels.

So, on Mother’s Day, the brand transformed its name from SleepMD to SleepMA, a call-to-action for moms to take their much-deserved rest. Along with the new brand name is a pledge featuring a series of house chores.


The pledges—house chores or dedicated tasks each family member must accomplish to give their moms more time to rest—were printed into limited-edition SleepMA packaging. Each of the SleepMA boxes were given as a special gift to moms on their special day. 


From online to on-ground, mothers were ready to fall asleep on that special day.

@kelvin.alcos Sobrang sarap sa pakiramdam pang na tretreat mo na nanay mo 🥹🫶 at thankyou so much @SleepMD sa gift nyo kay mama and happy mother's day sa lahat!!!! ❤️ #timetosleepma ♬ original sound - Kelvin Peter Concepcion Alcos
@kwinbih #TimeToSleepMA, ako na magsasampay, tigil-tigilan mo na yan baka mahulas pa ang beauty, choz! i love her so much; shes a go-getter woman who i look up to. i always remind her to rest & take breaks! kaya #SleepMAwithSleepMD ♬ そよ風 - SHISE


“This is a milestone for us at Redbin Philippines as a small yet braver creative shop. We are now ready to show more of ourselves, our creativity, our grit, and passion, to help brands explore uncharted territories,” said Ben Berdin, Chief Creative Officer.


“With this campaign, we harnessed creativity with deep human insights to build more relevance to SleepMD towards its new market—moms—who are probably the most sleep deprived among us all,” said RJ Espartinez, Associate Creative Director.


“Through this effort, Redbin will raise awareness on the dangers of sleep deprivation and how moms are most vulnerable. A simple house chore means a lot to moms like myself,” shared Rose Beldia, Creative Director. 

But if someone can give them the time off from these, it will lessen their load greatly, giving them more time to take care of themselves.  

“We owe it to our moms to give them the gift of sleep this Mother’s Day, and hopefully not just for a day. We hope that through this campaign, people will start to lessen the burden of moms by doing a simple house chore,” said Jam Loresto, General Manager.


Turning a brand name into a call-to-action for moms to take their much-deserved rest, along with a house chore pledge for kids and other family members to take on—this is what the SleepMA campaign is all about.


So prepare the bed, and light up the scented candles, because as the popular saying goes, “tulog-tulog din pag may time!”

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