Luxury Resort in Negros Occidental, Manami Resort, Receives Sustainability and Excellence Awards

Manami Resort is proud to announce its recent achievements in the realm of sustainable tourism. As recipients of the prestigious 2023 Sustainable Tourism Excellence and 2023 Tatak Excelente awards, presented during the 17th Sipalay City Tourism Month Celebration, Manami Resort has solidified its position as a leader in eco-friendly tourism practices.

From the onset, Manami Resort has been a forerunner in environmental sustainability, a core principle mirrored in the ethos of Sipalay City itself. The shared vision of sustainable development has been a driving force behind the city's recognition as a leading green destination. This collaboration has been instrumental in garnering the Sustainable Tourism Excellence award, a testament to the mutual commitment to preserving the natural beauty and ecological balance of the region.

These awards, especially the Sustainable Tourism Excellence, given to exemplary tourism accommodation establishments who are advocates for sustainable development, resonate deeply with Manami Resort’s ethos. It has consistently implemented initiatives to combat climate change, including the use of solar energy and wastewater treatment facilities.

The journey to this moment has been a story of passion, dedication, and a deep-rooted belief in the importance of harmonious coexistence with nature. From the beginning, Manami Resort has been more than just a destination; it's a sanctuary where guests can experience the serene beauty of Sipalay City while contributing to a greater cause. The efforts extend beyond the gates, actively engaging with the local community, fostering partnerships and initiatives that benefit both visitors and the city.

The Tatak Excelente Award, recognizing Department of Tourism-accredited establishments for exceptional service in the tourism sector, further validates the resort’s pursuit of excellence in sustainable tourism. This accolade, bestowed upon only a select few, is a clear indication of Manami Resort’s exceptional service standards and unique guest experiences.

“We believe that sustainable tourism is not a choice but a responsibility, a commitment echoed by the city we are in. We are honored to be recognized by the City of Sipalay and the Department of Tourism for our efforts and will continue to strive for excellence in all aspects of our operation. We invite guests from around the world to join us in this journey and experience the unique blend of luxury and sustainability that we offer,” says Property Head, Giro Solatorio.


Manami Resort is the flagship property and brand under Discovery Hospitality Corporation’s (DHC) Signature Collection—a collection of resort properties each with their own style and identity. DHC’s Chief Operating Officer, Jose Parreño Jr., also shared, “We at DHC are immensely proud to congratulate Manami Resort on receiving these awards in just less than a year from its opening. We celebrate this achievement and the continued success of Manami Resort in setting benchmarks for sustainable and authentic hospitality experiences.”

Located in the picturesque Sipalay City, Negros Occidental Manami Resort is a premier destination for travelers seeking a unique blend of luxury and sustainability.

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