FORNASETTI x OPULENCE x HEART COLLECTION LAUNCHED A Celebration of Luxury and Giving Unveiled

Opulence Design Concept, purveyor of European luxury homeware brands, elevates the Holiday tradition of giving to new heights with the Fornasetti x Opulence x Heart Collection that promises to be the epitome of refined taste.  This is a first for renowned luxury brand Fornasetti to collaborate with a local Filipino company and with Heart Evangelista no less, a Filipino artist and a style icon.  

A visually stunning video previously shared by Heart on her social media account first hinted at this grand project. The teaser transported viewers through the surreal Casa Fornasetti: going through its enchanting courtyard garden, the meticulously designed living room, the staircase adorned with the "Gerusalemme" wallpaper, and Heart's interactions with the iconic Fornasetti pieces.  

What exactly led to this landmark project?  Opulence Design Concept owners Gerry & Jinky proudly shared, “Fornasetti is known for its luxurious hand painted decorative porcelain pieces and Heart happens to be an artist and also an epitome of luxury.  So while having dinner in Paris on a crisp January night, Jinky and I pitched the idea to Andrea Nannoni, the CEO of Fornasetti, of Heart’s dream project of designing a Fornasetti plate.  Heart’s natural charm made Andrea simply fall in love with her at first sight.  He just said, ‘Yes! Let's do it!’”

Another milestone in art history was made with the now celebrated design being selected from the 13,000 design archives of Barnaba Fornasetti. 

The pieces from the Fornasetti x Opulence x Heart collection proudly showcased a mosaic of gold hearts that, when looking at a distance, forms a bigger heart with the iconic face of Lina Cavalieri silhouetted on the plate. The signature heart shapes are also synonymous with Heart Evangelista.   The culmination of that dream was finally made with the unveiling during the “Fornasetti x Opulence x Heart” event at the Opulence Design Concept showroom  at the Podium Mall before a throng of guests and media . 


Journey into Luxury: Fornasetti x Opulence x Heart Collection

The exclusive collection features a curated selection of homeware pieces: a beautifully designed plate, a charming coaster, a delicate teacup & saucer, and a delightful round box, all adorned with Heart’s personal design alongside Fornasetti's iconic motifs. 

An assemblage that rises above a mere gathering of items, it is the first-ever Fornasetti design featuring a style icon’s work.  Every meticulously crafted piece within this collection stands as a testament to a partnership driven by purpose.

To amplify the genuine spirit of giving at the event, a special moment unfolded as signed Fornasetti x Heart pieces took center stage in an auction.  Heart Evangelista, with her characteristic generosity, personally chose a worthy charity organization to be the beneficiary of the event's fundraising efforts.    


The chosen organization was Child Health in Life Development Foundation (CHILD) Inc., an institution dedicated to raising funds for the pediatric department at the Philippine General Hospital (PGH).  Generous individuals supported the worthy cause which raised a staggering amount of more than half a million pesos.  Kim Abellar & Tommany Tan of iFern who donated 400k and Jinnie Uy of Avita/Celergen who donated 150k were the night’s champions as they did not hesitate to up the bids for the worthy cause.  Truly, acts of kindness, whether big or small, can ripple out to create a brighter future.

Gerry and Jinky Sy are eager to share that "This gathering is a celebration of luxury with a purpose. We at Opulence believe that gift-giving is more than just acquiring beautiful pieces; it's about contributing to a greater cause and spreading joy.”

“This project marks a significant highlight for Opulence, and we take pride in being the bridge that unites art, creativity, luxury, and philanthropy in this special season of the year.  We remain committed to pushing boundaries in the realms of art and design, consistently delivering European luxury to Filipino homes,” they further  added.

Experience the magic of Fornasetti with Opulence Design Concept.  You may also download the Opulence app today to get exclusive deals and be updated with the latest trends in home decor. 

Check out all their collections and more at the Opulence Design Concept store at the 3rd level of The Podium, 12 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila or visit

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