Italian home products and décor are no longer just a moodboard for Filipino designers and artists; they can now recreate and experience the epitome of Italian craftsmanship and design without leaving the country. 

Italy, renowned as the birthplace of the Renaissance and home to some of the world's most iconic architectural structures, has long been a global trendsetter in seamlessly blending classic and modern elements. This unique fusion is particularly evident in the realm of Italian furniture and home décor, serving as a constant source of inspiration for luxurious home designs worldwide.

This year signals a remarkable plot twist for the Philippines' design industry as Super Salone recently opened its showroom, bringing together the crème de la crème of Italian home product brands in the country.

Now, Italian accents can seamlessly blend into Filipino homes through products that not only enhance aesthetics but also serve a functional purpose.  

Good history

Good history is a crucial aspect in claiming brand superiority, and of course, Super Salone’s featured brands have already garnered exposure in notable platforms and instances. 

A prime example is Frette, which Romaine Schott, the Brand Manager for the APAC Region of Frette, claimed to have noteworthy collaborations with prestigious entities like The Vatican, the Titanic, and the Orient Express, among many others. 

For over 160 years, Frette has been the trusted manufacturer of unparalleled comfort, crafting luxury linens and decorative home accessories with the finest fibers and the expertise of skilled Italian artisans.

Aesthetic and Function

Super Salone's thoughtfully curated collection of Italian brands also excels in seamlessly blending form with function, making them perfect for either home innovations and aesthetic upgrade.

This philosophy is exemplified in Arflex, a brand renowned for its creative and out-of-the-box furniture designs, which combine the use of new materials with the expertise of prominent Italian and international designers.

Such a vision also remains true with Oikos, which specializes in the meticulous craftsmanship of high-performance security doors. This is affirmed by Roberto Pauletto, the Export Sales Manager of Oikos, who shared that "For over 30 years, Oikos has produced top-quality security doors that fit into the architectural world and are continuously matching the current trends." This spans on their products’ design, used materials, and technology, ensuring that all of their security doors are aesthetically pleasing and functional.



An impressive level of customization is another striking feature possessed by the brands carried by Super Salone. 

Guiseppe Gaviraghi, Rimadesio’s Resident Agent for the Far East, takes pride in Rimadesio on this aspect, sharing that Rimadesio has an extensive capacity of combining different kinds of materials—leather, glass, fabric, Litech, marbles, and more—to manufacture sliding doors, tables, chair, and others, tailored to the needs of designers and homeowners. 

Another brand excelling in this aspect is Glamora, a renowned brand known for its custom wallcoverings inspired by art, design, and nature. Crafted with exquisite, sustainable materials, Glamora seamlessly combines modern-day style with classical, sophisticated principles to establish a contemporary and coherent identity that beautifully complements architecture.

Collaborative and Sustainable Furniture

The vibrancy of life and collaboration is further highlighted in the brands featured by Super Salone, especially evident in Viccarbe. This brand, rooted in a belief in people, endeavors to support them through its products. Viccarbe provides a diverse collection of elegant and timeless office furniture pieces, encompassing seating, tables, and accessories, all meticulously designed for enduring quality.

Viccarbe partners with international designers to create products that promote interaction, comfort, and productivity and has been distinguished by its simplicity, innovative elegance, and global brand awareness.


Another way to enhance the overall ambience of a space is bringing furniture or decors for accents, and this is where exquisite carpets come in. 

Established in 1962, Amini, is known for its ability to design, execute, and market all kinds of carpets and rugs. From handcrafted to machined, contemporary to limited editions, Amini Carpets searches for in every product the perfect balance between technical quality and stylistic versatility. 

Undoubtedly, the superior craftsmanship and rich history of these brands establish Super Salone not only as an ordinary showroom but also as a luxurious and powerful resource for local designers and homeowners to interpret and bring to life the diverse needs of their home projects. 

The final touches

Super Salone also takes great pride in showcasing the exceptional works of world-class brass sculptor Michael Cacnio. His works of art provide artistic refinement to the showroom, combining recognised brand craftsmanship with Cacnio's sculptural brilliance. 

It is with great pride that Andrew Ng, Founder of Super Salone, shares, "The opening of the Super Salone showroom unfolds a thrilling opportunity for discerning and creative individuals to transcend the boundaries of their imagination. It's a friendly challenge for home makers to artfully pair these renowned Italian brands, exploring how these unique furniture and home fixtures can elevate the essence of a Filipino home."

The inauguration of Super Salone’s showroom in the country was commemorated through the event "La Vita Moderna: Super Salone Grand Launch," drawing inspiration from the concept of "Domani," symbolizing the dawn of a new era for Italian luxury homes.

Visit Super Salone at the 4th level of the Shangri-la Plaza bridgeway to witness firsthand the fusion of creativity and craftsmanship, you may also check their IG @supersaloneph.

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