Discovery Samal's Chinese New Year Celebration Ushers in Luck and Festivity

In a dazzling display of cultural richness and festive fervor, Discovery Samal recently concluded its Chinese New Year celebration, marking the commencement of the Year of the Wood Dragon. The event, held on February 10, 2024, unfolded as a harmonious blend of traditional performances and modern festivities.

The General Manager, Stanley Lau, aimed to recreate the vibrant spirit of the Lunar New Year to Discovery Samal. With the collaboration of the Engineering and Housekeeping departments, the lobby area was adorned with red and gold lanterns and a traditional house called Siheyuan was placed at the center.

The Lunar New Year festivities commenced with a vibrant and energetic performance by the renowned Davao Lion Dancers Association. The dancers, dressed in colorful costumes, made their way into the main lobby to the beat of traditional music. GM Stanley Lau and Ms. Maridol Gonzalez then performed the captivating Eye-Dotting ceremony to awaken and imbue the dragon and lions with the power to bring protection, good luck, health and prosperity to the resort. The ceremony was followed by the tossing of coins, an age-old tradition believed to invite good luck and fortune, ringing in the Year of the Wood Dragon with positivity and hope.



One of the highlights of the celebration was the captivating performance by the renowned Davao Lion Dancers Association. Their vibrant lion and dragon dance brought the ancient art to life, leaving the guests enthralled by the rhythmic beats of drums and the graceful movements of the lions. The dance is believed to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck. After their splendid performance, the dancers rounded the resort, bringing in the tunes and spirit of luck and prosperity.

Hearts were captivated when Davao Chong Hua High School’s Chinese Cultural Dancers graced the stage with their mesmerizing performances, taking the guests on a fascinating journey into the heart of Chinese culture. The dancers showcased a stunning array of traditional Chinese dances, each movement executed with precision and grace, transporting the guests to a different world. The dedication and hard work of the students were evident in their skillful performances, adding an extra layer of authenticity to the festivities and offering a glimpse into the rich cultural tapestry of China.

Guests also rang in the Lunar New Year with a fortune-telling session with a prominent fortune teller from Davao City, Dario Lingcopenes. Everyone could feel the energy in the air as each revelation guided the guests through the upcoming year, providing insights into health, career and prosperity.

Mr. Stanley Lau, General Manager at Discovery Samal, expressed his delight at the celebration's success, saying, "Discovery Samal’s first Chinese New Year celebration highlighted that it is a time for joy, reflection and the embrace of cultural diversity. We are thrilled to have witnessed such talented performers who brought the spirit of the festival to life. It was a momentous occasion, especially for me, to recreate the festivities in China here so that it felt like home. We are grateful to our guests who joined us in ushering in the Lunar New Year with enthusiasm and positivity."




The festivities extended beyond the performances as guests were ushered inside Morning Catch for the traditional Yusheng Ceremony. General Manager Stanley Lau, Owner’s Representative Celina Lim, Director of Rooms Bing Burgos, Director of Finance Precilla Toriano, Executive Chef Daniel Rayos, Executive Sous Chef Phaithoon Atthasarn, Associate Director of Sales - Events and Conventions Chatty So and Director of Sales - Davao Katherine Dizon tossed a dish as a symbol of abundance and vigor.

As the guests gathered to dine at Morning Catch, the air was filled with the aroma of the specially curated Chinese New Year buffet menu. The festive atmosphere was enhanced by the colorful decorations and the sounds of cheerful chatter.

The buffet menu was a culinary journey that captured the essence of the occasion, featuring an array of auspicious dishes that symbolized prosperity, abundance and good fortune. From the succulent meat dishes to the fragrant rice and noodles, every dish was carefully crafted to please both the eyes and the taste buds. The guests enjoyed the delectable feast while sharing stories and laughter, creating unforgettable memories that will be cherished for a long time.

As the lanterns adorned the main lobby of the resort and the traditional red envelopes exchanged hands, Discovery Samal became a hub of joy, laughter and positive energy while ending the day with a dazzling display of fireworks coloring the sky vibrantly. The celebration echoed the resort's commitment to embracing diverse cultures and creating memorable experiences for its guests.

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