TCL launches new generation of aircon for 2024 with IOT and air purifier feature - TCL Inverter Air Conditioner Coolpro Freshin 2.0 Breath+

Just as the warm and dry season approaches, TCL Philippines unveils their 2024 collection of air conditioners, packed with innovative features not found in other brands.

The new line, dubbed the TCL Inverter Air Conditioner Coolpro Freshin 2.0 Breathe+, incorporates an air purification system, turbo cooling, and IoT capabilities, making it a strong contender in the market.

Here's a rundown of the unique features of the TCL CoolPro Freshin 2.0 Breathe+:

- FreshIn 2.0 technology, featuring a liftable fresh air inlet

- Real-time air quality display

- Four fresh air modes to balance indoor and outdoor air

- Dual channel amplification technology for a 15% increase in fresh air import volume

- Fresh air mode with micro positive pressure suction, offering 60 m3/h fresh air volume

- Exhaust mode for micro negative pressure ventilation

- Breathing mode, a groundbreaking two-way fresh air technology that eliminates odors and introduces fresh air

- Purification mode for fresh, purified air

- Intelligent filter cleaning reminder that activates when filter life is below 20%

- QuadruPuri filters that remove floating dust, PM2.5, bacteria, and more

- QuadruPuri filters include a preliminary filter, silver ion antibacterial layer, HEPA high-efficiency filter, and high-density filter

- Three-step self-cleaning fresh air duct to remove remaining dust

- Smart gentle breeze for optimal comfort

- Fast cooling in just 30 seconds

- Up to 60% energy savings with AI Inverter Algorithm technology on its Smart Inverter

- TCL Home app for monitoring electricity and controlling settings anytime, anywhere

- Compatibility with Google Home and Alexa for voice control


TAC 09CSD/FBI - 1.0 HP Full DC Freshin 2.0 IOT Inverter Split Type AC - PHP 50,995

TAC 12CSD/FBI - 1.5 HP Full FC Freshin 2.0 IOT Inverter Split Type AC - PHP 54,995

From April 1 to May 31, 2024, you can get almost 50% off:

TAC 09CSD/FBI - PHP 25,995

TAC 12CSD/FBI - PHP 27,995

This offer is only valid for cash transactions.

Here are some photos from the TCL launch

Sarah Lahbati and Coleen Garcia-Crawford, reveals that they are using TCL aircons

Quick selfie with Coleen

New endorsers?

With the TCL executives

TCL Window type Aircon

Here’s a sample of a good set up for IOT features

TCL Industrial type aircon

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