Enstack Launches "HERstory": A Celebration of Women in Leadership

Series aims to inspire professional ambition and personal growth by spotlighting trailblazing women in business and industry

Enstack, the AI-powered mobile app that enables everyone to be entrepreneurs, announced today the launch of EmpowHER HERstory, a year-long video series designed to spotlight the journeys, challenges, and achievements of female leaders across various industries.

EmpowHER HERstory, a new initiative from Enstack’s EmpowHER campaign, gives a closer look at the lives of influential women who balance professional success with personal roles such as that of mothers and primary caregivers.

As a female-led company, Enstack consistently highlights female entrepreneurs, emphasizing role models just ahead in their journeys for relatable inspiration. With EmpowHER HERstory, Enstack also wants to celebrate women who have reached the C-suite, built billion-peso businesses, or created an impact on millions of Filipino lives while juggling different personal roles, with an aim to motivate audiences toward even bigger dreams and substantial ambitions.

This series brings to the fore influential women including:

Yangyang Zhang, Xendit's Chief Innovation Officer, known for her pivotal role in financial innovation across Southeast Asia;

Ruoshan Tao, Canva's Head of Marketing for Southeast Asia and Latin America, who is transforming digital design accessibility worldwide;

Ambe Tierro, Country Managing Director at Accenture Philippines, who is setting the standard for excellence in the IT and consulting industry;

Berna Romulo-Puyat, Deputy Governor at the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, instrumental in shaping national financial and economic policy; and

Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte, renowned for her dedication to community development and governance.

In the Philippines, women hold 39% of senior management and have surpassed men in tertiary education enrollment, with a ratio of over 2.57 million women to 1.87 million men in AY 2021-2022. However, the labor force participation rate for women is at 34.5%, highlighting a discrepancy that underscores the critical importance of visible, diverse female leaders to inspire the next generation.

"Within Enstack's ecosystem, where nearly 70% of merchants are women, we are deeply committed to amplifying female entrepreneurship and underscoring the significant impact women have on the economy. EmpowHER HERstory is about the power of visibility and representation. It's about revealing not only the achievements of women but also the paths they've taken, the obstacles they've overcome, and the significant impacts of their journeys,” shares Enstack's CEO, Macy Castillo. “This initiative is our way of inspiring viewers to dream bigger, encouraging not just young women but people from all walks of life to challenge norms, break barriers, and pursue their dreams with relentless passion."

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