Immortal Kingdoms M Pre-Registration is Now Live!

Fresh from its massive success in Thailand, PlayPark is proud to announce that Immortal Kingdoms M is now open for pre-registration for the Philippines and Indonesia. Players who pre-register will receive gift items including a special Snow Deer mount available only during this period. Rewards will be available to claim during the official launch of the game.


A new immersive MMORPG experience

Featuring a blend of Western and Korean aesthetics, Immortal Kingdoms M takes high fantasy mobile MMORPGs to the next level. Choose from five distinct classes to begin your journey: Slayer, Assassin, Gunslinger, Sorceress, and the Reaper, a class exclusive to the Philippines and Indonesia. A sixth class called Dancer will be released after the official launch of the game. Each character has a wealth of skills to unlock and strengthen, and players can mix and match skills for the ultimate build.

Immortal Kingdoms M features Espers, companions for your character that join fights with you. Espers have their own distinct gear and skills, allowing players deep customization of their character and loadouts. Espers deal massive damage and protect their masters, helping your character progress whether you are actively playing or on idle mode. In Immortal Kingdoms M, you never fight alone!

The game features missions and challenges to test even the most hardcore of players, and guilds feature extensive social activities to make sure you and your friends strengthen your bonds. Guild Banquets allow guild members to join in mini-events and other activities to earn rewards.

Immortal Kingdoms M also features cross-server PvP game modes that you can join, whether alone, in a team, or as a guild. Climb the leaderboards and become the master of warfare! The game also features an open trading system between players, allowing you to complete your setup faster.

Immortal Kingdoms M will have its official launch soon so be sure to PRE-REGISTER NOW and stay tuned for the latest updates on social media:

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