Jollibee Teams Up with the Arellanos for a Sweet-Sarap Jolly Spaghetti Campaign

Jollibee has brought happiness to Filipinos across the world, and one treat that always makes kids smile is the irreplaceable sweet-sarap goodness of Jolly Spaghetti. It gets even more exciting, as Iya and Drew Arellano, along with their kids - Primo, Leon, and Alana, have been announced as the newest Jolly Spaghetti Ambassadors.

For Iya, being a brand ambassador is a special experience that her family can enjoy together. “It feels like a dream to become the newest Jolly Spaghetti endorser, and having Drew and the kids be a part of this experience makes it sweeter, or should I say, sweet-sarap!” She also talked about the special effect of Jolly Spaghetti to kids adding “It's a treat that gives kids that classic Ngiting Jolly Spaghetti, the kids really enjoyed because we can enjoy good food and food that they really love to have, it makes the whole experience jolly.” Whether it be a party treat or a delicious meal, Jolly Spaghetti is the go-to delicious spaghetti that kids love.

For Drew, this makes Jolly Spaghetti a sure-fire hit for any special celebration and has become a staple during his weekly trips, and something his kids crave and look forward to. “Every Celebration is really special and pairing it with Jolly Spaghetti makes kids and adults alike enjoy the moment even more. When I go home from my trips, I make it a point to order Jolly Spaghetti, since my kids crave for it whenever we see each other at home.”

Jolly Spaghetti has also become a special part of precious moments with parents and their kids. “What’s special for me and Drew is seeing our kids spend time together, whether it be just playing with each other, or enjoying delicious Jollibee treats,” said Iya. She also shared how Jollibee is a get-together place for her family when visiting from Australia growing up, “Jollibee is our go-to place where we treat my cousins in Laguna whenever we pay a visit. And that’s also where my love for Jollibee started!” For Drew, it was a place for celebrations. “As a kid growing up in Greenhills, Jollibee is a place where me and my friends celebrate birthdays and grab all the delicious food we want.”

And when it comes to irreplaceable go-to joys kids and adults alike enjoy, it’s hard to beat the experience that Jollibee brings, giving kids that “Ngiting Jolly Spaghetti”. “Good food brings people together, especially families. Jolly Spaghetti has become a staple of our family meals, and you can see how much joy they have each bite.”

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