Fujifilm Announces the 4 NEW Products at X-Summit Sydney 2024

Fujifilm launched 2 new cameras and 2 new lenses during the Fujifilm X Summit 2024 in Sydney, Australia.

Presenting the Fujifilm X-T50 and the new lens XF 16-50mm F2.8-4.8 R LM WR lens

Features of the Fujifilm X-T50

- sleek and compact

- compact camera without compromising on quality or performance

- maintaining the classic film camera look

- modern touch with its new rounded shape

- larger than the X-T30

- the grip feels snug, making it feel smaller in your hand

- the thumb grip extends smoothly and it has a better ergonomic feel

- It has the new Film Simulation Dial, a first in the X-Series camera

- 20 film simulations available

- Reala Ace is a new addition of film simulation

- 5th Gen X-Trans CMOS 5 HR sensor

- 40.2 MP high resolution

- 5th Gen X-Processor 5

- Advanced AF System for high speed and accurate autofocus

subject detection funtion with AI deep learning tech

- Output is similar to X-T5 camera

- IBIS 7.0 stops

- can shoot video up to 6K/30P 4:2:2, 10bit, F-Log 2

Features of the new XF 16-50mm F2.8-4.8 R LM WR lens

- versatile standard zoom lens

- 250 gram the lightest zoom lens among XF lenses

- 71 mm constant length while zoom

- the lens length doesnt change its size while zooming

- 16mm wide angle to mdi telephoto 50mm

- Good for portraits and landscape photography

- high speed, high definition autofocusing with linear motors

- weathered sealed and dustproof

And also the new big beast of Fujifilm medium format – the Fujifilm GFX100Siii and the 500mm GFX lens!

Fujifilm Philippines sent over some information of the 4 products and its SRP for the Philippines.


The lightest in the GFX series, featuring a new 102MP sensor CMOS II, powerful IBIS, and a high-precision autofocus system.

Equipped with the latest high-speed imaging processing engine, the X-Processor 5, which utilizes AI-based subject detection autofocus with deep learning technology.


This lens allows you to capture subjects at twice the distance of previous options in the GFX series, serving as its longest telephoto prime lens.

Lightweight and compact, boasting 6.0 stops OIS and capable of resolving up to 102MP.


Featuring a compact and lightweight body housing a 40MP sensor and the latest X-Processor 5 image processing engine with AI capabilities.

The first in the X-Txx series to incorporate IBIS (up to 7.0 stops) and a new Film Simulation dial on the top plate.

Features a new round design body and is available in Black, Silver, and Charcoal Silver.

Available SKUs include Body only, with XC15-45mm Kit, and with XF16-50mm Kit.

XF16-50mmF2.8-4.8 R LM WR

This new kit lens replaces the current XF18-55mm option.

It offers a focal length of 16-50mm with an aperture range of F2.8-4.8.

Features weather sealing and an internal focusing system.

Compatible with X-Series models such as X-T5, X-S20, and X-T50, offering the new XF16-50mm kit lens option.

And for the Local pricing, please see below.

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