Protecting the growing freelancer and gig worker sector with Igloo's gadget protection

Manila, Philippines, 17 May 2024 – As the Philippines grows into a formidable digital economy, the increasing connectivity and digital infrastructure have empowered individuals to offer their skills and services globally. Freelancing or gig working allowed Filipinos to participate in the global workforce while contributing to the country’s economic resilience and competitiveness in the digital era.

Regional insurtech Igloo, whose mission is to provide insurance for all, believes in protecting this growing workforce segment. Payoneer’s 2022 report on the Philippine freelance market estimates that 1.5 million Filipinos are engaged in freelance work such as content creation and customer service for local and global clients.

Igloo and its partners safeguard freelancers and gig workers by protecting their essential work devices such as phones, laptops, and other electronics through its Gadget Protection and Cracked Screen Protection products.

“Freelancers provide services that go beyond geographical limitations and with the added benefits of being able to work anywhere, choose flexible times, and the opportunity to showcase and hone their skills to global clientele, it’s easy to see why it’s a growing and attractive sector,” said Roberto Vea, Commercial Lead at Igloo Philippines.

The growing freelance sector has led to the Philippine government's initiative to pass the Freelance Worker Protection Act (HB 67183) in 2023. This bill aims to provide protection and incentives to freelance workers, including night differentials and hazard pay.

“We echo the government’s call to protect freelancers and gig workers and, with our partners, we do so by protecting the tools they use as with much of these jobs happening online, it’s crucial to protect these devices as without them, they can’t work effectively or earn income. Our gadgets and electronics products are designed to protect these devices that power the freelancer economy, ensuring they can continue their work smoothly and maintain their livelihoods,” Vea explained.

Gadget Protection ensures extensive device protection–from accidental and liquid damage and the added benefit of professional repair and service at authorized centers. The product is available via GInsure and Lazada.

Cracked Screen Protection covers screen damage caused by accidental physical impact for up to 12 months. This product is designed for phones and phone accessories purchased on Shopee, providing peace of mind for users concerned about screen damage.

To date, over 15.8 million policies of these two products have been sold in the Philippines across various distribution partner platforms since January 2023.

These products empower freelance and gig workers to boost productivity, efficiency, and career growth. Gadget Protection and Phone Screen Protection are some products that highlight Igloo’s mission to make insurance accessible and beneficial for everyone, including those in the rapidly growing freelance industry.

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